The Backyard Renovations Continue #3

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And so it continues...and continues...and continues...

But really. If you've been following me (and have read post 1 and post 2) then you know we started our ginormous backyard renovation project almost 9 weeks ago. Since my backyard has been full of Georgia red clay ever since it seems SO much longer than 9 weeks to me. But the good news is we are getting closer! 
First we had to take out all the bushes, then we had to regrade the hill and tear out the "woods" on our hill, then we regraded the backyard itself, then (the worst part) we had to dig a 4 foot deep by 2 foot wide trench (talk about awful), then we had to fill the trench will gravel and then sand, then we had to move the mass piles of dirt from grading and digger from the middle of our yard offsite by taking probably 20 loads of dirt out of our yard, then we were finally able to lay the block for the wall, then we had to lay the drainage pipe, then we marked out and designed our fire pit, dug the fire pit, laid sand and gravel, and now, FINALLY, we are ready to start laying the fire pit patio stone. 

Talk about a massive project. And of course it has rained like crazy ever since we started. Keeping mud and dirt out of my house is impossible no matter how many times a day I vacuum.

All that's left is the cap block on the retaining wall, patio and fire pit, laying sod, and landscaping.

Here are some pictures of our progress:

If you just looked at all of those pictures then bless you! I do realize it's a lot of pictures but it has been the world's biggest DIY project and I really wanted to share the progression with you guys. If you really want to see a transformation go back and check out the first backyard renovation post I did. Talk about a huge difference. We actually have a yard now. Even if the yard is all red clay at the moment.

Hopefully I will have a finished patio and fire pit to show you all soon! 

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  1. I would love to have you link up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party later this evening???? great project!!!...xoxo, tracie

  2. I love seeing the progress and watching your project come together! It will be so worth it in the end!

    1. Thanks, Sharon! It is SO worth it! We love our backyard now! :)