The "I love you because"...DIY Project

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Today is our second wedding anniversary! I feel totally and absolutely blessed to have been married to such a wonderful man for two wonderful years! Through his love I get a daily glance at God's love and grace for us! The past two years have been full of lots of love and laughter and everyday I fall more and more in love with my best friend! 

I thought I would use this anniversary post to share with you all my recent DIY project that I gave my love as part of his anniversary gift. It is a "I love you because..." board. 

The idea behind the "I love you because..." board is for it to sit on our kitchen counter and be a way we can lift each other up through words of affirmation by taking a magic market out of the kitchen drawer below and writing why we love each other on the board whenever we feel like it. The idea is to be a fun reminder to tell your spouse you love them. It could be something as simply as "I love you because you took the trash out this morning," or, "I love you because you make my heart skip a beat when you walk in the room!"

To make this project I used a pretty wood frame I found at Hobby Lobby and put a sheet of scrapbook paper inside. I used my cricut machine to cut out the "I heart you" letters on a vinyl sheet and stuck the cutout to the piece of scrapbook paper. I then put the scrapbook paper inside the frame, bought a cookbook stand, some markers, and TA-DA! Project complete!
It's such a fun treat to walk in and see if anything new is on the board. 

For our anniversary we went to Savannah this past weekend to celebrate and had a blast! Stay tuned for more to come on that trip soon.

Want to see part of the gift my husband gave me for our anniversary?
It doesn't take jewelry to win my heart. ;)

I am so thankful for two wonderful years of marriage (seven years together!!!) and looking forward to the future and the many years to come!!! 

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Blogger Events: Meet and Greet Other Bloggers

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As a blogger I really enjoy when I have the opportunity to meet other bloggers in person. I can not even begin to tell you how valuable this it to you as blogger. I can not stress to you enough how meeting and developing relationships with other cohorts in PR will help you so much (not to mention it's a TON of fun)!

After all being a blogger is like being in a sorority (I can say that because I am in a sorority and experience the same acceptance and instant 'sisterhood' in blogging as I do in my sorority . Wouldn't you guys agree? I mean have you ever been somewhere and the fact that you blog got brought up and someone else says they do too? Instant friendship, right? 

I was given the chance to mingle with other PR ladies this past Monday at a Spa Party for a Grand Opening of a new spa in Atlanta, The Serenity Spa at the Omni. You can read about my experience at the spa from the week before here. 

At this event I got to meet and socialize with some wonderful Atlanta influence-rs and also got to network with some amazing spa and hotel vendors. Pictured below are just a few of the lovely ladies I met with the prizes we won from Oka.B. 

And check out the sweet prize I won...OKA.b spa shoes and beach bag! Which are a-mazing! If you are looking for a super comfortable (as in you won't want to take them off) sandal these are the shoes for you! 

To conclude this short and sweet post if you ever get a chance to attend a PR event don't pass up the chance to network with other bloggers! 

Want to "meet" some of the lovely ladies I partied with Monday night?
Check them out below:
Spa Travel Gal
Field Trips with Sue
Dana Jones

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Serenity at the Spa

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I have said it before and I will say it again....a spa is essential to a woman's well being! As wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and employees we deserve to be pampered every now and again wouldn't you agree?

Yes, spa services can cost a pretty penny but it is very hard to walk out of a spa and feel that the money you spent wasn't worth the decreased stress in your life. My favorite part about going to the spa is that is forces you to put away technology and 'check out' from the day to day for a few minutes. It's amazing how when you do so all the stress that comes along with it fades as you are forced to focus on yourself. 

It's simply wonderful how an hour or two of relaxation and focusing on yourself allows you to be a much better wife, co-worker, and friend! My husband actually gets excited whenever I tell him I'm going to spa because I come home so uplifted and full of energy ready to be an even better wife!

Due to my love of spas I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out Atlanta's newest spa, Serenity the Spa inside the Omni Hotel at CNN Center

From the moment I walked in to the Omni I was treated like a celebrity and pampered from head to toe. The attention to detail really set this spa out from other competitors. Upon entering the spa I was welcomed by the Spa Manager, Lorraine, and was welcomed to the locker room where I received a very comfortable robe and Okab spa shoes. I was then seated to enjoy flavored nuts, water, and a fruit try prepared especially for me. 

Services range from 15 minutes massages to all day spa services and vary in price from $25 to several hundred depending on the service and the length. For my services I choose the 80 minute hot stone therapy massage and a 25 minute sinus massage. The services were wonderful! I especially enjoyed the hot stone massage as this was my first time having a massage of this kind. I took a picture of the stones she used after the massage as I was curious how she could make a stones feel just so amazing...I mean wow, this technician was talented!

They have a package called the Interlude for couples which includes an overnight accommodation for two in a deluxe guestroom, champagne, chocolate strawberries, and breakfast in bed. At $505 I think this package would make a wonderful anniversary present for a couple! 

The spa locker room is also very nice and includes a sauna. And you can't beat the view from the gym in the spa as it overlooks the new ferris wheel in Atlanta! 

I would like to applaud the Omni and Serenity as my visit to this spa rejuvenated my mind, body and spirit and I feel like I received the highest level of personalized attention possible. 

As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Serenity Spa at the Omni CNN Center in Atlanta and would highly recommend you make it one of your stops on your next trip to Atlanta as I can assure you it will be a memorable experience you will not soon forget! 

*Please note this particular spa does require that you be 18 to receive private treatment 

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Vino2Go & Brew2Go Review & Discount

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I was super excited to be able to try out the Vino2Go and Brew2Go products from The Product Farm. I have seen products similar to these at stores and was really excited to have my own to try out. 

These products are essentially tumblers made exclusively for beer and wine. I can honestly tell you that I am a raving fan of tumblers. I almost always have a tumbler floating around in car from my morning green tea or coffee so this particular tumbler was something that the hubs and I were really excited about using for tailgates, around the camp fire, etc. 

We had our first chance to try them out Friday night. We ended up spending some time just enjoying being together and talking around our new-ish fire pit and decided this was the perfect opportunity to try them out. 

Things I loved: the convenience of not worrying about spilling or breaking a glass while outside, the colors (they come in lots of fun colors....I loved that they sent me a red one since that is my team's color), the look and feel (basically it's like an adult sippy cup! SWEET!)

The only recommendations I would have for this innovative product include:
1) That they would insert the beads that some tumblers have so that you could put the tumbler in the fridge or freezer and it would stay cold for an extended period of time
2) The only thing about the Vino2Go was that in order to get the last sip you had to take the top off (really not a big deal but this has the ability to improve)

All in all we really enjoyed trying these products out and I would HIGHLY recommend you get one before tailgating season kicks in to gear! 

The Product Farm is offering my readers a 10% coupon code for any product in their online store. 
Just use code MarriedJointlyVino

Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for a honest review based on personal experience with this product. No monetary compensation was received or will be received between MFJ and the associated company with this product. 

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Clean Your Pillows

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Some of my best friends from college are coming over to my house this weekend and it has inspired me to deep clean. Like REALLY DEEP. Don't get me wrong...I keep a pretty clean house but them coming over has really inspired me to get down and dirty and buy new sheets, pillows for the guest room, hang pictures, etc. 

Once I get my mind set on something I tend to become OCD about that project. Hints why I decided to wash the pillows in our master bedroom the same weekend we were moving my in-laws and I was hosting a shower. Crazy, yes. But like I said once I get my mind set on something it's a done deal. 

Here is what my pillows looked like before I washed them:

NASTY, right? I did a little research and all that yellowish color on the pillow is apparently sweat from our faces that leaks through the pillow case and pillow case cover. Totally gross. Check your pillows. Please tell me I'm not the only one with this grossness all over my pillows. 

The good news is they are now sparkling white and so fresh and so clean clean (ha, couldn't resist inserting rap song lyrics here). All I did was through them in the washer two at a time to balance each other out and put in laundry detergent, dish washing detergent, bleach, and Borax. Now I have fresh and clean pillows with no nasty yellow stains. Mission accomplished!

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The Perfect Date Night

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Week before last my husband and I had a super fun, long over-due, date night. Our huge backyard project has consumed our lives lately and prior to our date and I couldn't even begin to tell you the last time we had gotten dressed up to go out together. 

Ya'll let me tell you...getting dressed up solely for your spouse and carving out time to go out on date will do wonders for marriage. Technically we were going out to celebrate my hubby's birthday (it was back in April- I know it's sad right that we finally got around to celebrating but before you feel too bad for him know that he had 2 birthday parties in April). For his birthday I had given him a gift certificate to AMC and a certificate that said I was going to take him to the Fork and Screen in Buckhead for his birthday (something we had never done before).

The Fork and Screen is a movie theater with a huge screen and seats for only about 30 people per movie. You can order food and drinks from their menu during the movie by pressing a red button in front of you and waiters and waitresses bring you your order. Surprisingly it does not disrupt the movie and makes the environment SO much fun.

We started off our date at a pub in the city where you could get $1 brew-skies...the hubs loved that! Then we went to the Fork and Screen to see Now You See Me which was actually really good!

Another really fun thing we did while on our date was asked each other questions off this list of questions I found on Pinterest. Although to be totally honest with you my husband wasn't so excited about this at first but we both really ended up enjoying it as it gave us things to talk about other than work and we actually learned a couple things about each other. It really reminded me of our dating days back in high school. Try them out on your next date! 

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DIY Firepit, Patio, and Backyard

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I am SO excited to finally get to show you guys the close to final product on our HUGE DIY backyard project. If you have been following me for the last 14 weeks you will know that this is how long this project has lasted for us. I can honestly say it was a TON of work and the hardest project we have ever done by ourselves (well with the help of our awesome family!!!) but so worth it in the long run. We went from having no backyard (unless you count 12 foot bushes and a forest behind that) to a gorgeous, sodded space with a fire pit and patio! 

Here are some photos of our most recent progress:

In this photo we have the wall, fire pit, and patio completed and sod laid 

Here is another pre-mulch and pre-finished wall shot of the backyard.
Check out all our newly acquired space again pre-mulch!
You might remember we had no side yard either...check it out now!
Here is another view...
Here is a picture out the back door before we made our grill pad and moved our grill..
And our other side yard...
And the picture that makes me the happiest of all (my chair cushions are still inside, sorry!)...

As you can see we still have work to do with landscaping...we need plants and pine straw pretty badly but really that is the fun part compared to all the hard work we have done to make this yard. We are absolutely in love with our new space and can't wait to get it decorated so we can start hosting those backyard summer parties! 

If you want to know why I'm so proud check out the before pictures. 

My encouragement? We did this project totally by ourselves and you can, too! Yes, it will be a lot of hard work (you better be ready to sweat), and yes it will take a while, but you can do it! 

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