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As a blogger I really enjoy when I have the opportunity to meet other bloggers in person. I can not even begin to tell you how valuable this it to you as blogger. I can not stress to you enough how meeting and developing relationships with other cohorts in PR will help you so much (not to mention it's a TON of fun)!

After all being a blogger is like being in a sorority (I can say that because I am in a sorority and experience the same acceptance and instant 'sisterhood' in blogging as I do in my sorority . Wouldn't you guys agree? I mean have you ever been somewhere and the fact that you blog got brought up and someone else says they do too? Instant friendship, right? 

I was given the chance to mingle with other PR ladies this past Monday at a Spa Party for a Grand Opening of a new spa in Atlanta, The Serenity Spa at the Omni. You can read about my experience at the spa from the week before here. 

At this event I got to meet and socialize with some wonderful Atlanta influence-rs and also got to network with some amazing spa and hotel vendors. Pictured below are just a few of the lovely ladies I met with the prizes we won from Oka.B. 

And check out the sweet prize I won...OKA.b spa shoes and beach bag! Which are a-mazing! If you are looking for a super comfortable (as in you won't want to take them off) sandal these are the shoes for you! 

To conclude this short and sweet post if you ever get a chance to attend a PR event don't pass up the chance to network with other bloggers! 

Want to "meet" some of the lovely ladies I partied with Monday night?
Check them out below:
Spa Travel Gal
Field Trips with Sue
Dana Jones

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  1. Chelsea, Looks like fun and a great win. The shoes are really cute. Thanks for joining the Open House party.

    1. The shoes are very comfortable too! Thanks, Sherry!

  2. So jealous that you got to go to a blogger event. Haven't seen one in my area yet and I am dying to go to one.

    Color Me Brave

    1. Contact some other local bloggers in your area or companies and let them know you are interested!