The Perfect Date Night

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Week before last my husband and I had a super fun, long over-due, date night. Our huge backyard project has consumed our lives lately and prior to our date and I couldn't even begin to tell you the last time we had gotten dressed up to go out together. 

Ya'll let me tell you...getting dressed up solely for your spouse and carving out time to go out on date will do wonders for marriage. Technically we were going out to celebrate my hubby's birthday (it was back in April- I know it's sad right that we finally got around to celebrating but before you feel too bad for him know that he had 2 birthday parties in April). For his birthday I had given him a gift certificate to AMC and a certificate that said I was going to take him to the Fork and Screen in Buckhead for his birthday (something we had never done before).

The Fork and Screen is a movie theater with a huge screen and seats for only about 30 people per movie. You can order food and drinks from their menu during the movie by pressing a red button in front of you and waiters and waitresses bring you your order. Surprisingly it does not disrupt the movie and makes the environment SO much fun.

We started off our date at a pub in the city where you could get $1 brew-skies...the hubs loved that! Then we went to the Fork and Screen to see Now You See Me which was actually really good!

Another really fun thing we did while on our date was asked each other questions off this list of questions I found on Pinterest. Although to be totally honest with you my husband wasn't so excited about this at first but we both really ended up enjoying it as it gave us things to talk about other than work and we actually learned a couple things about each other. It really reminded me of our dating days back in high school. Try them out on your next date! 

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  1. I love this. RancherMan and I are planning a "hot date" next week and I'm thinking dinner and a 3D movie would be fun. (Ok let's be honest, dinner is fine and all, but I want gooey chocolate ANYTHING so that'll probably be primary in picking the restaurant. LOL) It's so good to carve out time for each other in the hectic day-to-day! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Taylor-Made Ranch~
    Wolfe City, Texas

  2. Um, next time a good chick flick comes out, we must see it at Fork and Screen! It's a must, and a girls date:)