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I mentioned last week that to celebrate our second wedding anniversary we went to Savannah for a long weekend. We stayed in the gorgeous carriage home to a lovely historic mansion (the back side of the home is pictured above) in Savannah only a couple miles from River Street and the entire weekend only cost $200! Wondering how I found such a great bargain? Through the discovery of a website called airbnb. Please note I am in no way being compensated for writing this post about airbnb (although I probably should be :)) but simply wanted to share with you guys because I am obsessed with this wonderful find of mine that allows you to travel afford-ably! Oh the possibilities it opens up in the world of travel... ;)

You might remember my post about VRBO a couple years ago...airbnb is a similar concept expect the difference is that it allows you to rent someone's condo, vacation home, or even extra bedroom! Basically think of airbnb as a similar concept to a bed and breakfast, although each scenario can be different. 

The home we stayed in was actually the carriage house (the extra home above the garage) to the beautiful home pictured above. The best part? The entire weekend (we got there before lunch on Friday and left Sunday evening around 4pm) only cost $200! The carriage home was beautiful as was the main house and included very nice bikes we could use for the weekend, coffee in mornings, and a courtyard to enjoy in the evenings! We ended up having the entire property to ourselves as the owners were out of town while we were there.  Below are some pictures of where we stayed.

The picture below is of the side courtyard where you enter the carriage home 
(here is the link to the house)

The photo below is of the carriage house from the drive

This photo is of the fireplace in the side courtyard available for use

Another view of the side courtyard from the carriage house

The below is another courtyard view of the bikes that we used to tour Savannah: 
Very nice bikes with a lock!

The below is a photo out the window of the living room of the carriage house towards the drive

My handsome man in the courtyard!

The photo below is a picture of the staircase inside the carriage house

Here is  picture of the bedroom in the carriage house

Here's a photo of the kitchen and living room

And here's a photo of the carriage house where we stayed from the courtyard. Check out that stained glass on the door! Simply gorgeous!

I would just love to know the history of this home. The family who owns the home was not there while we were so we did not have a chance to meet them and get the story on the home but I can only imagine the wonderful parties and events that must have gone on here back in the day. Here is a photo of part of the house from the front.

All in all we had so much fun staying in this romantic home. It was so full of character and charm! We totally plan to stay there again on our next trip to Savannah!

 I'm so excited about finding out about this website and am very excited to see what possibilities in travel this opens up for us! Can you imagine all the places we could go if the entire weekend was so affordable? I had looked at bed and breakfasts in Savannah for the same weekend the best price I could find was around $500...not to mention we wouldn't have been able to check in as early or leave as late...

Have any of my readers ever used this website? I would love to hear about your experience and recommendations! If not, I encourage you to give it a try and let me know what you think. However, fair warning...I am sure every home listed could would be a different experience and they may not all be as awesome as this experience. I encourage you to read the reviews and fine print before paying.

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  1. It looks like you found a great place! I haven't tried this site yet, but friends had a great time in Paris using it. Promising!

    1. It was as great place! I know I was excited to find out it was domestically offered in additional to internationally! Glad to hear your friends had a good experience as well!

  2. What a great find and a great weekend. Thanks for the info about airbnb. I will got there and check it out. Sounds like it was a fun get-away. Savannah is such an interesting city anyway.

    1. We had so much fun! I can't wait to book another trip with airbnb.

  3. I have looked around on the site and seen some great places in the NC mountains but we have not actually stayed yet. We hope to try it out soon.

  4. Chelsea, I haven't heard of this site but I will check it out. Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party.

  5. Thanks for this tip. Will go check it out immediately. Your abode looks charming!

    1. It was very nice! Have fun and let me know if you end up finding someone where to stay! :)

  6. looks like a beautiful home and a fun place to stay

    I'm inviting you to come join us also For Travel Photo MOndays, it runs all week starting Mondays, come link up with us :)

  7. I have never heard of the site but after this post I am checking it out! Thank you for sharing your wonderful find with us! I am stopping by from The Homemaking Blog Party blog hop. I look forward to your visit at
    Happy homemaking!

  8. Thanks for the tip. I'd never heard of this site! Thanks for linking up at my Homemaking Party!