Football Season: My Favorite Time of the Year

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My favorite time of the year has finally season! 

As a proud graduate of the University of Georgia (and as girl born and raised in the south) I bleed red and black and get way too excited over college football. Every Saturday I can guarantee you I am planted in front of the TV to watch our game (that is if I'm not actually at the game). I'm not shamed to admit that I'm one of those obnoxious football know the kind that let a football game control their mood and the kind that only want to watch football games with the friends that will only talk in the commercials... The good news is I'm only like that about UGA games. I'm fortunately not the kind that get like that over every game on TV. I mean if you add it up it's really only a couple hours a Saturday times a couple months, right? Haha, I'm just kidding. I'm really not that bad. 

This year I joined a friend's ESPN college football pick 'em league which has been TONS of fun and really got me excited about a lot of other games that I used to not care as much about. Although unfortunately it's too late this year I have decided that next year I'm going to create my own league and invite all my blog friends to join! So get ready for a lot of year! If you want you can go ahead and start figuring the league out by downloading the ESPN CFB app. It looks like this: 

When watching football I sort of like to go all out. I love setting up a at home tailgate to get everyone in the mood. Week before last (this week was Georgia's bi week) we had a "classy" tailgate and grilled out steaks. What goes better with a "classy" Georgia themed tailgate than Caprese Salad as an appetizer? I thought I'd share with you all my recipe in hopes that you too, can enjoy a "classy" Georgia themed red tailgate party this fall! 

Really it's pretty much the easiest recipe ever....all you need is tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, olive oil and basil. Simply slice the tomatoes, slice a few pieces of mozzarella to put on top of the tomatoes, pick a few pieces of basil to put on top, then drizzle with olive oil. TA-DA! You have a delicious "classy" tailgate appetizer! 

So who do you root for? Any die hard college football fans out there? 

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