My New Hot Ride- Help Me Name Her!

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I am SO excited to finally get to share with you what I decided to get for my new without further due...dun ...dun... she new joy ride!

That's right I ended up with a Lincoln MKX Mac-Daddy version. It is a used car with 40,000 miles but it has every add-on feature including, the one I'm most excited about, the panoramic sun-roof. I've been driving it for about a month and so far I LOVE it! Really the difference in the quality of the ride does not even begin to compare to my Mazda Millenia. I'll be honest...I wasn't crazy about the color...I really wanted a black MKX but when you are looking for a used car you sort of get what you get and I didn't hate the white's mine! 

Here are some more pictures:

Many have asked me why I choose this car instead of the others I was considering...honestly I loved the Ford Edge but really wanted a lot of the nicer features that the Lincoln MKX offered. The Lincoln MKX is the luxury version of the Ford Edge and drives the exact same and is the same size so it was a no-brainer for me once I saw it.

Ok, now I need your help. Like any good car this ride needs a name and I'm taking votes! Give me your shout out for a good name for my new car and I'll announce the winner in an upcoming post! 

PS: Don't buy the extended warranties a dealer will try to sell you! We got conned into purchasing one but fortunately were able to back out of it. Only problem is the warranty was built into our financing so my monthly payment will still be much higher than it should have been.

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  1. Pretty car! Im looking at buying a black Ford Edge. I just got to make sure Im ready to get back into payments again. I currently drive A Ford Escape and had the extended warranty added. Thankful I did because I needed a whole new computer system 3 weeks before the warranty expired! But I never had to used the extended warranty on any other cars in the past. I think her name should be...Pearl but I always used the letters of my tag to get a name. Ha. Wish you lots of safe trips in that Hot ride!

    1. Thank you! A black Ford Edge was originally what I wanted as well! That's funny you would say Pearl cause my first idea was "The Black Pearl" since I wanted a black car but it was husband thought it was dumb so I nixed it. lol!

  2. Lisa: RE "Wish you lots of safe trips in that Hot ride!" That was such a nice thing to wish Chelsea! =)