Tis the Season of Weddings and Babies

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So I am in that season of life where 90% of my friends and family are either getting married or having babies. In the past month I have been to four weddings, three wedding showers, and four baby showers with two more weddings, one more wedding shower, and three more baby showers to go in the upcoming month. Anyone else in this same stage of life where they feel like once their friends stop getting married and having babies they are going to feel like they have an instant raise? The only problem is by then the friends that are just now getting married will start having babies and on it goes...
Other than putting a strain on my wallet and filling up my football weekends (so that I have still yet to go to Athens for a football game this season) it is really a very joyful, fun time! I have had the chance to see so many clever, beautiful ideas displayed at the various weddings and showers and thought I would share with you all some of what I learned/liked. 

1. Espresso Bar at a Wedding
This was the neatest idea and very unique! Rather than opting for a bar the bride instead choose to go with an espresso bar complete with all the Starbucks drinks. It was called the Cafe' of Love! The drinks were wonderful and the decor was adorable! I am so bummed the picture I tried to take did not turn out.

2. Homemade Baby Banner at a Shower
My niece will be here in a mere six weeks! For my sister-in-law's most recent shower a friend made this adorable banner out of scrapbook paper and dollies to show the baby's name, Lila.

3. Gender Reveal Pistol or Pearls Cake
Gender Reveal party's have become all the rage lately! For those of you who haven't heard of a Gender Reveal Party it is a party where you let all your friends and family know the gender of your baby in a fun way! At this party they cut into a cake that said pistols or pearls to see what color the cake was...it was pink! Baby girls everywhere! Whoohoo!

4. Photo Booths at Weddings
Photo booths have become all the rage as well! I love them because they are a fun reminder of the personality of your guests and good take home for your guests. Here is a photo of the bride and groom from their photo booth last night.

5. Vintage Elegance Wedding
Vintage elegance is also very in for weddings. Last weekend I attended one of the most Pinterest perfect weddings I had ever been too. The wedding was located on a farm and bride made her grand entrance in an old pick up truck. So cute! The chairs for guests to sit in were a mix match of old vintage chairs and couches and the tables were decorated with old books and white milk glass. It was simply beautiful! 

6. Sister-in-law's Wedding
I gained a new sister in October as well! Her wedding was also gorgeous! Here is a photo of me with both of my sister-in-law's at the wedding. 

Fun right? 
The only problem is I am running out of dresses! Last night as I stood in my closet for a near 30 minutes trying to find a dress that everyone hadn't yet seen me in I realized I am going to need to invest even more money into my wardrobe before the next wedding. :) Anyone else feel my pain I mean share my joy? ; )

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  1. I love the whole post, the pictures, The theme, The PISTOL and PEARL cake was my fave.. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  2. It def. is the season for weddings & babies lol omgsh I love the cake design!

    1. Ha, glad you feel my pain...I mean joy! :)

      The cake was really cute!

  3. Such very cute ideas! Love the photo booth, coffee bar, and of course the reveal cake.
    Too adorable!

  4. #1- I love the idea of a coffee bar at the wedding! So fun and different! And eggnog and apple cider:) #2- Love the gender reveal party idea! Adorable cake:) #3- Gorgeous picture of you, Sarah, and Rachel!