All That Bling! Picking the Perfect Engagement Ring

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As I have mentioned in prior posts I am in that season of life where many of my friends are getting engaged...either that or they are having babies! :)

In fact three of my friends are most likely getting engaged this holiday season. One of my guy friends has already bought the ring and two of my best girl friends are hoping for that tiny box! I am SO excited for all three of them. I love weddings and engagements and love to be there for them to talk about every little detail of the wedding...the first being one of the most important, the ring!  There are so many styles out there now that the options can be overwhelming! Should you go with a white gold ring or gold? Round or square diamond? Or maybe it's not a diamond at all but something more trendy like a black pearl or sapphire? 

Whatever the ring it's very important to choose something that you will love forever! After all doesn't the saying go "a diamond lasts forever?" When it comes to picking out rings I always recommend to my friends that they start out by window shopping at stores such as Shane Co. to determine what they like. If you are looking for an engagement rings that 'wows' your friends Shane Co. offers designer looks not sold anywhere else with a lifetime guarantee that cannot be beat!

As one of my guy friends (the one who just bought a can not be revealed in order to surprise his girl ;)) pointed out to me last night he just bought his ring at Shane Co. due to the lifetime guarantee! Should something ever happen to it you really can't beat their guarantee!

The other part I love about an engagement is the actual engagement story itself. This is a story that a girl will tell for the rest of her life so you might as well make it good. One of my friends recently tricked up his girl by buying an additional pearl bracelet and putting it in the ring box to give her instead of the ring first. Of course she was delighted to have the bracelet but was also a little bummed that he wasn't proposing. Right when she looked down to put the bracelet on he got down on one knee and proposed with the ring as well! What a wonderful surprise! She was elated and every surprised which is exactly what he was going for! Wouldn't that be a wonderful idea? Eternal and timeless, pearls never go out of style! Shane Co. cultured pearls are matched by hand for exceptional luster.

How about you guys? How many of you either did or want to give your guy insight to which ring you want him to purchase? How many of you want it to be a complete surprise? My sweet hubby was brilliant and took my mom ring shopping without me knowing. That way it was a total surprise but he knew my mom would know what I like. And boy was he right! He did good! 

This is totally a side note but while looking through Shane Co.'s website I couldn't help but notice these gorgeous monogram necklaces! What a wonderful Christmas present these necklaces would make!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Congrats on the opportunity. Love it all. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family my friend.

  2. I love the necklace the best. TOO cute and You know i love the pearls too . I already commented but I was still here looking around. LOL Love it all sister.

    1. Thanks, Sherry! I love pearls! They are so classy! Plus it helps that it is my sorority jewel! :)

  3. Gorgeous pieces! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. What a super opportunity.
    Hugs and happy Thanksgiving!