Extraordinary Gifts: For the Football Fan in Your Life

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I would love to introduce you all to my new friend, Sallie from Silly SalGals Etsy Store. Sallie sells some of the neatest wreaths you will find on the web! As many of my loyal readers know I am a HUGE Bulldawg fan! When I saw the adorable Bulldawg wreath Sallie sells I knew I had to have it! 

Sallie graciously agreed to send it to me to review. Without further ado and before I give you the best story ever let me share some pictures with you of my awesome wreath Sallie made:

Isn't it great?!? Sallie was SO great to work with and totally let me customize my own wreath. Throughout the process she would email me pictures and ask if I liked the way it was looking and would even suggest new ideas and thoughts and do whatever I asked! I LOVE the way it turned out and am excited to have it on my door for the last three football games of the year! Maybe it will bring us some luck? We sure could use some since we play Auburn this week! 

Ok now for the cool story I promised you. I'm about to make an Anne of Green Gables reference for any of you Anne fans out there so prepare yourselves...Sallie and I are kindred spirits! Seriously the more I learn about this amazing woman the more I realize how much I admire her and also how much we have in common! Sallie began introducing me to her business by sharing with me that she has recently been getting her shop started as an outlet for creativity and hopefully as a way to supplement her income in the future. Sallie has a sweet little two year old boy, Evans, with an amazing personality that was diagnosed with autism last year so her weeks are filled with 30+ hours of therapy, music, and swimming lessons to help her sweet little boy and as a result Evans' progress has been amazing! Sallie works part time at night as a ER nurse so that it frees up her time to spend her days in therapy with her precious little one! If you are like me you are wondering how she finds time to craft and create such fantastic items! Sallie told me that crafts are her outlet and that Evans even helps her. He punches out a puzzle piece to attach to the back of every handcrafted item. 

Sallie and her husband are also Christians and believe what the Bible tells us that to who much has been given much is expected! Because Evans and his therapists have brought so much joy to Sallie's family and opened their eyes even further to the steadfast love of our wonderful Savior, Sallie donates a portion of every sale to Camp Southern Ground. 

This is where the story starts to get a little strange...in a really cool way only God can make happen! :) For those of you not familiar with Camp Southern Ground it is actually a camp and research center started by Zac Brown in my hometown of Fayetteville, GA specifically for children with autism and behavioral/social disabilities! You can read all about the camp and Zac Brown's mission for this camp that he has deemed his "life's work" here. Zac Brown actually donates a portion of all his ticket sales to the camp. When Sallie mentioned the camp to me I was excited as I already knew a lot about the camp since it is in my hometown. Actually fun fact: the location of the camp including the house Zac Brown lives was actually purchased from an ex boyfriend's of mine's parents. So I am very familiar with the land and property. :) The impact this camp will have for children is incredible! Just think of how awesome it is that Zac is providing a camp for children (like Evans) who would not otherwise get the opportunity to make wonderful summer camp memories that so many of us take for granted? Currently the camp is still under construction but will hopefully open sometime soon! You can watch the video at this link to see more about the camp! 

Ok sorry for the tangent but I couldn't help but share Sallie and her family's amazing story with you! How inspiring and what a wonderful reminder to the rest of us of a family who is living out Christ's love! 

Back to Sallie's business. Not only does Sallie create sports themed wreaths but she also has some pretty cool year round door hangers that allow you to switch out ribbons and themes for every holiday without having to change your door hanger. Here are some of my favorites:

The baby hanger is so neat! It even has a place to write in the name, date, height, and length! And just today Sallie posted even more neat products like a UGA door hanger and even a house divided football wreath, great idea, right? As you can see I am really excited about Sallie and her store! Please go check out her store and purchase something! It's not to late to order a Christmas gift! 

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  1. These wreaths are great! Sallie is really talented, I love the mix of ribbon, burlap and painted letters. Great Christmas gift ideas!

  2. I love these. SO creative and they make any door look just awesome

  3. If only the wreath was Scarlet Red and Heather Gray....Go Buckeyes!!