Happy Halloween from Our Household to Yours

By 1:48 PM ,

This Halloween was our first Halloween in our house (we were under contract last Halloween but not living in our house yet) and BOY did we have a lot of trick or treaters! Holy cow! 

I bought what I felt like was a TON of candy and we ran totally, completely out by 8pm. AND we were that lame house that was only giving one piece out per child since we were trying not to run out...Crazy, right?

I did dress up in my gorilla costume again and jumped out from behind the bush at the teenagers trick or treating. To. much. fun. 

Here's a video of me dancing in the gorilla suite that my sweet hubby found hilarious and just had to video....

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  1. Omgsh that is hilarious! Too funny girl!

  2. You are so funny. I thought where is my friend. I have not seen you post in awhile. I am so glad to of read this .. LOVED It and made me smile sister. HUGS and have a blessed new week

    1. Thanks girl! Life has been SO busy recently and I have been traveling a lot for work but I have a bunch of good posts coming soon I promise! :)