The Great Flu Shot Debate

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Sorry for not posting very much lately...sickness has struck our household and it is all I can seem to do to feel like I am staying above water. I'm sure you can all relate. :)

My sillly husband who I love oh so much REFUSED to get the flu shot. I mean full out even though it was free at the doctor when we went for our yearly exam and wouldn't have cost any extra money or time since he was already there still refused to get it (even though he has gotten the flu every year since we have been married). My work offers it ever year for free so I get it just out the pure convenience factor. Plus, let's admit it. Getting the flu is NO FUN! But honestly...I'm not sure what's worse. Getting the flu myself or my husband getting the flu. Cause when I get the flu yes it's totally miserable but at least I'm the one who gets to lay around and do nothing....when hubby gets the flu I'm stuck working a 8-5 job Monday-Friday, doing all the cleaning, all the grocery shopping, and waiting on him hand and foot from the moment I walk in the door from work to the moment I head back out to work the next morning (all while trying to avoid getting sick myself). Makes for a very fun week for myself and I usually end up getting sick myself if for no other reason than due to pure exhaustion. 

Well guess what ladies and gentlemen? Guess who has the flu? Or at least we think it's the flu...That's guessed it. The hubs. 

I think I've determined this is his theory:

I'll be the first to admit it....I'm helpless without my husband and SO ready for him to start feeling better! 

What about you guys? Anyone feelin' my pain? How many of you get the flu shot? I know the rumor still lies that you can get the flu from getting the shot but I have gotten the shot the past five years and never gotten the flu from the shot. Apparently years ago it used to contain a live virus so this was true but hasn't in years....?

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  1. oh no! I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Hi Chelsea, Living with my 87 year old dad it is important that we all get flu shots. I hope your hubs feels better soon.

  3. I debate this every year! I generally go with no shot. I know two people who passed away from Flue Shot complications last year and I've talked to two people who work in the Epidemiology field who say they don't help or are overrated. I almost always end up with some kind of sniffle or sore throat but never anything that is actually the flue or that gets a prescription other than rest and fluids. Feel better Josh!!