How We Spent an Evening as the Griswold Family

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Maybe my title made you wonder how my cute, classy (in our dreams ;)) little family could possibly be called the Griswolds? Well, if you had seen us Saturday night you def would have thought we were! :) 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to experience the Gift of Lights at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. They generously offered to let me come experience the lights and gave me a pass for a car. I thought it would be a fun holiday thing to do with the whole family so I invited everyone to come along. Only problem? We have all recently sold our large vehicles and the only ones we still own are only five seats. So we packed the hubby and I, my parents, brother, and grand-mom into the five seat car, started the Christmas music, and off we went! I was so bummed I couldn't get a picture of us all but honestly we didn't have room to breathe...much less pull out a camera! None the less we had a great time as a family and enjoyed looking at the lights! 

However, our hands down favorite part was getting to drive out the speedway! They had a section you could drive all the way up on and of course my hubby took advantage of that opportunity. I may or may not have been screaming but it was a blast none the less! Here are some pictures of our adventure:

If you are interested in having your own family adventure at the Gifts of Lights please check out this link and don't forget to print off the coupon in my previous post here

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