The Biggest Announcement I've Ever Made

By 1:05 PM

Sorry if it seems like I have fallen off the face of the earth lately....However, I do have a good reason...I promise! If you follow me on Instagram than you got a sneak peak yesterday. If you don't then you should cause you'd already know my big news, ha, jk. Here you go!
That's right! Our little family is expanding! Baby T is due June 27th (I know the picture says July 1st but we took pictures a little pre-maturely and the doctor told us otherwise...and we didn't feel like retaking the photos :)). 

I am OVERJOYED to finally get to share our big news with the world! Hubby and I are thrilled and can't wait to meet our little one! I am not good at keeping secrets so 13 weeks of keeping the biggest secret of my life has been torture to me! 

We made our big announcement this week through a Christmas card we sent out. Stupid me (let's blame it on pregnancy brain) didn't take a photo of the card we sent out but the front said "May Your Days Be Merry & Bright" and you opened it up to find the picture above on the left side of the card and another picture of us holding stockings and a baby stocking on the right in front of a Christmas tree that said Love, with our names and baby T. 

We sent out the cards Monday so I was able to put the announcement on Facebook yesterday with the picture above and the two below:

I thought the bump ahead idea would be perfect since my husband and I are both in construction so I ordered the "Bump Ahead" sign shown above off of Ebay as soon as I found out we were expecting. We are absolutely thrilled for this new phase in our lives and I can't wait to begin blogging about it all! I feel like I have so much to write already! :)

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