The Stores with the Cutest Baby Boy Clothes: Coco&Beau

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When we found out we were having a boy I  immediately began to search for where I could get cute baby boy clothing. Let's be honest. There a a million cute outfits for girls. From bows to tutus the possibilities are endless! For boys it's a little harder to anyone who walks in to any store will notice...the size of the boy section is usually 1/3 the size of the girl section. 

After visiting a couple stores and starting to get a little disappointed I decided it was time to hit up etsy. I was SO excited when I found Coco&Beau and delighted when Colleen, the 20 year old designer and owner of Coco&Beau, sent me the products pictured above including a short sleeve 3 month bodysuit with suspenders and a removable bow tie, a 6 month long sleeve bodysuit with a removable bow tie, and an additional pack of interchangeable bow ties! How adorable is that? 

Colleen started Coco&Beau this past July. She came up with the idea for the store when a few of herfriends were expecting baby boys. Colleen quickly realized, like myself, that there just aren't as many trendy and unique baby boy outfits on the market as there are for girls so she started creating outfits as well as other accessories as a gift to her friends. They were a huge hit so she thought it would be a good way to combine her interests and passions by starting a business! She works full time in her home sewing and creating precious baby gifts for customers. The name Coco&Beau comes from her two family cats, representing that she will always strive to carry not only trendy baby boy clothing, but baby girl clothing as well. She will be soon be adding clothes for mom as well such as nursing scarves and t-shirts and even products for the home such as nursery decor and prints. I don't know about you guys but I can't WAIT to check out her new products!

Here are some more pictures of the adorable items she sent me. I can't wait to put our little cutie in them!

Colleen works hard to make sure each product is excellent quality at an unbeatable price! 
She wants to offer my readers a 15% coupon in addition to her already great deals!
Just use: Promo15
This will be active for 2 weeks after this review so until Feb. 15th!

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  1. Oh-em-gee....those are sooo cute! Love love the suspenders and bow tie combo. Adorable!!

    KK @

    1. They are SO cute right? I can't wait to play dress up with my little man! :)

  2. oh my goodness this is so adorable. Being a momma of 3 boys I get it the options are limited. Thanks for sharing this and the coupon.... :)

  3. These are so cute! I am pinning this on my baby boys board for future reference - due in June, but not finding out gender! Thanks for sharing :) #SITSBlogging

    1. Ah congrats! We are due the same month! Hope you have been feeling good! You go girl...I do not have that much will power to not find out! :)