The Top 5 Best Pregnancy Apps

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It's amazing how quickly your life can change to everything little one is still six months away from making his/her appearance to this world and I feel like he or she is already consuming my life (in a good way)! :)
I am SO excited to finally have entered my second trimester and am praying that at 16 weeks I start feeling much less sick SOON! 

I am finally starting to show as you can see from my bump picture below but other than that and being sick I have very little evidence that I am pregnant. One of the things I am truly enjoying are some pregnancy apps I have downloaded on my phone. I have searched high and low and believe I have found the best five out on the market right now. I enjoy checking them as you get different advice and pictures daily (along with common symptoms and updates on your baby) and have made looking at all five of them part of my morning routine.

So for all of you who are pregnant, or are ever hoping to become pregnant (pin this post now), here are my recommendations:


This is hands down my favorite of the five apps...and best of's free! This app, created by the same people who created the book "What to Expect When You're Expecting," gives you daily progress on your baby including a countdown of how many days until due date, a comparsion in size to your baby in fruits, daily tips/to-do lists, and my favorite part, a weekly video of you baby's progress. I also really like the community boards on this app. When you insert your due date the app automatically puts you in a group with our mommies that are due in the same month and year as you. This tool has served as an awesome way to discuss symptoms and progress when you want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same symptoms you are! 


Another app I really like is Sprout Pregnancy. There is a free trial of this app available but it expires after six weeks. I just recently paid the $3.99 to upgrade to the full app because I missed having my free trial so badly (which is saying a lot for me as this is the most I've ever paid for an app). I like this app because it gives you 3D pictures of what your baby looks like each week. It also has a great tool to help you track of your weight, the baby's kicks, and contractions.

Baby Bump is another great app that gives you daily tips on what your baby might be doing and common symptoms you might be experiencing. This app also encourages you to upload a weekly bump picture which I like.

Baby Center is another great app! It gives you lots of daily advice and videos to help track your baby's development. This app also features a community board to talk to other mommies to be but I like the one on What to Expect When You're Expecting better.


The last app I would recommend is called Cinemama. Cinemama connects to your Facebook and has you upload pictures and puts together a video of you baby bump growth at the end of your pregnancy. This app has some kinks that I have not totally figured out yet but it still seems like it could be a lot of fun and has the potential to be a really good app.

Well that concludes my five recommendations! Another others out that other mommies have used in the past or are using?  What are the best apps to download for once baby arrives?

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  1. These are interesting. I am so excited that you are having a baby. Congrats again! I know this will be one cute baby:)

  2. Congratulations Chelsea!! How exciting to be expecting your first bundle of joy! I hope you start feeling great really soon! Wow! These are some great apps. Thanks for sharing your post at Project Inspire{d}!

    Hope your week is Extraordinary!