Touchdown or Pom-Poms Gender Reveal Party

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So I am finally getting around to the promised post on our Gender Reveal Party we had a few weeks ago. Our theme was "Touchdowns or Pom-Poms" since my husband and I meant in high school (he played football and was the captain of the varsity football team and I cheered and was the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad). As such we thought the theme would be perfect for for our little one. :)

We sent out invitations that read:
Which will it be? You'll have to join the party to see!

The next step was the cake. I searched high and low for the perfect cake and actually ended up purchasing it at Sam's Club. It was perfect-tasted great, looked great, and you couldn't beat the price! Here is the photo:

The next step was to purchase blue balloons (we were going to do a balloon release to announce the gender). The hubby and I already knew what we were having but no one else did (if I am totally honest I actually enjoyed the 72 hours of just us knowing :)) since we knew we made sure to get some pre-party photos of us with the blue balloons.

We then stuffed the trunk full of the balloons and got it all ready for the big reveal.

As guests began to arrive they had to make their guess as to if they thought we were having a boy or a girl. If they thought a boy they were to pin a football to their outfit and if a girl they were to pin a pom-pom to their outfit. However, they could loose their "pin" if another guest heard them say the word 'baby.' This was one of our party games that lasted throughout the celebration and the winner went home with a prize. I made the pom-poms out of yarn and the footballs out of foam paper. 

To assist with your guess I had filled out an "old wives tales" board with the answers to what the old tales said:

Because they could loose their guess if they said the word baby, and because I wanted a record of who guessed what, guests were also to write their guests on a big chalkboard I had and I had my hubby pick a number at the end of the party and and that person who guessed right also won a prize. Here is a picture of the chalkboard. 

The prizes were a baby bottle full of razzles, bubble gum, and gift certificates!

I also had a gender reveal punch I made in pink and one in blue. The pink punch was pink lemonade and the blue punch was Hawaiian Punch and sprite.

For decorations I created a banner of ultra sound pictures of the baby that was on my mantel. I also created gigantic pom-poms in pink, blue, and green that hung over the food table.

Before we knew it it was time for the big reveal! If you haven't already watched the video you can do so here. The lady screaming before you can even see the balloons would be my mom. She was little excited I would say. :)

Once we made the announcement on gender we got to announce the name. I then had every guest sign his onsie I made with his name on it in the colors I am doing his nursery. That way I can tell him all the people who love him most and prayed for him before he was even born have their name in his room. :)

All in all it was a wonderful celebration and was a day we will not ever forget! We are thrilled to death about our little boy and feel so privileged and blessed our friends and family are as well! Our little man is so lucky to come into a world where so many people already love him! 

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  1. This is so cute! I love the onesie idea!!! Congrats!!

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! I framed it and am working on painting the frame right now to hang in his nursery!

  2. Chelsea, this is so great!! I've never done anything like this. If we have a third kid, I'd want to throw a party like this. I have one girl and one boy, so a third would be so much fun because it would be such a surprise to see if my kids would be getting a sister or brother.
    Congrats to you! And thanks for linking up to our Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party!

  3. Aww, so many cute ideas for this party!! Maybe I'll do a gender reveal party for this one! #SITSblogging

  4. What a fun party! Congratulations :-)