How are you supposed to clean your baby's nose?

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 As a soon to be mommy I have spent a lot of time lately researching the best products on to the market to get for my baby. One particular product that I have noticed has gotten a lot of attention lately is nose aspirators. I recently watched an episode of The Doctors were they cut open one of those plastic nose aspirator bulbs and showed that there was mildew in the middle of the bulb. I was totally grossed out and my interest was sparked. 

On the Doctors they instead recommended using something similar to the BabyComfyNose Nasal Aspirator. They said it works better because it uses your own suction. Think about it: your own lungs are a strong, natural vacuum cleaner - much more powerful than a tiny bulb or battery-powered motor. And the result is just a more effective method of clearing your baby's sinuses and does not allow for mildew to form inside the bulb or at least if it does it allows a way for you to clean it!

My intentional fear was that I would suck boogies into my mouth but thankfully that is not possibly because the design of the receptacle and the tissue filter that you insert into the body of the aspirator. This is why pediatricians are recommending BabyComfyNose to moms and dads. Recently, Dr. Sears of The Doctors TV Show recommended the BabyComfyNose as the best way to clear babies' noses. Take a look at the video 'How to Use the BabyComfyNose' here to see how well it works. 

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  1. I really had to get over being grossed out at first. But then I started thinking, "Okay, maybe they have a point here." Better to use that than a germ-infested aspirator.

    1. Ha, I TOTALLY get that! I was grossed out at first too and, until I try it, I might continue to be but def have my interest sparked. I will let you know what I think!