Our Weekend in Review: LEGOLAND Discovery Center

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I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We surely did. The weather was BEAUTIFUL in Georgia in this weekend. We are talking 70 degrees guys! What a welcome change!

We took this weekend (one of our only free weekends pre-baby believe it or not) to spend some quality time with our nephews. We decided to take them to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Atlanta and had a BLAST! They were the perfect ages for the center (2.5 and 4.5)! Their eyes were lite up the entire day! 

Our four year old nephew told us on the way home, "that was the funniest day ever!" When we asked them what their favorite thing about LEGOLAND was they both said the Lazor Blast Ride was their favorite but they also really liked building race cars and the 4D theater. If you were to ask my husband he and I both really enjoyed the MINI-LAND where their was a full replica of the city of Atlanta made out of legos. Below are some photos from the highlights of our fun day.

I would highly encourage everyone to go if you have a nephew or son ages 2-10! We had a blast! Don't forget you can download a coupon through my previous LEGOLAND post here.

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  1. Aww, that sounds like an adventurous day for them and you guys!! I've got some cousins who are crazy about legos and their parents took them there a couple years ago!

  2. that looks like so much fun!!
    Thanks for linking up with me today!