Baby Shower #2

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My life long best friend,  Holly (she is a fellow blogger you can read more about her and follow her at A Winner's Tidbits), and her mom (who I call my Aunt because she really is and has always been like an Aunt to me), threw me another wonderful shower a few weekends ago! I thought I would share with you some of the highlights from the beautiful shower. Here is a photo of the three of us at my shower:

The shower was beautiful! Here are some photos:

The food included "About to Pop" bags of popcorn, cake pops, fruit, chocolate covered peanuts, cookies and cream dip, white chocolate cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate milk, milk, and blueberry infused water. 

The decorations were also beautiful. The shower was held at their church and they hung pom-pom balls from the chandelier in the ceiling. 

Other decor included beautiful roses on the food table and a gift table with a handmade banner for the little guy.

The shower was made even more wonderful by my sweet sorority sisters who came from all over to attend the shower. One of them even surprised me and drove down from Asheville, NC! 

At the time of the shower I was 33 weeks...

It's hard to believe I am now almost 36 and there are just a few more weeks until little man arrives! I have been having contractions the last 24 hours so maybe he will arrive sooner rather than later :).

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  1. We had so much fun planning this shower! And we CAN'T WAIT to meet and hold and smother Easton with kisses:)

  2. Oh yes baby showers can be so much fun!!!
    Congratulations to the mommy to be.
    Have a lovely day!

  3. What an adorable shower!! You are so beautiful with that belly!!!! Congrats on the baby boy!!!! Thanks for linking up to WYWW!

  4. What a nice shower! And I love your dress. Hope your little man does come soon and safely!

  5. I love a baby shower ...congrats!!!

  6. All of the details are so pretty! Baby showers are always so much fun. Congratulations on baby boy!

  7. Super cute baby shower! Love the 'about to pop' bags. Best wishes for an easy/fast/safe delivery of your bundle of joy!!

    1. Thanks, I thought they did such a good job!

      Thanks for the well wishes! We are excited!

  8. You're such a cute pregnant mama!!! :) love it!
    thanks for your sweet comment on the blog.
    so my due date is June 3rd !!! And I'm having a girl. My first baby!!!!

    I have to admit my pregnancy wasn't easy but I'm sure she's worth it!!!
    How are you feeling??? :)


    1. Ah, thanks girl! Wow! So very soon! Good luck! I'm sure your anxious to msis your baby girl!

      I am having my first child- a baby boy- due June 27th.

      I am more and more ready every day to have this baby as my feet and legs are swollen to water melon size. I'm with you though. I'm sure they will be totally worth when they are here! :)

  9. What good friends to throw you a lovely shower. And you're almost there mama! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!


  10. What a lovely shower! Babies are small, but they sure need lots of cute little things. Hope your last weeks go smoothly. Soon you will be snuggling that little one!

    1. Thank you! We are very excited and can't wait to meet him!