Yard Sales Finds: $25.30

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This past Saturday was our semi-annual neighborhood yard sale. We live in a HUGE neighborhood so yard sale day is always crazy with tons of sales! There is no possible way you can hit them all in only the few hours the sales are open so you have to pick and choose which sales you hit up. I had some pretty good luck this past weekend so I thought I would share with you all my finds. It has been a while since I have done one of these posts where I share my goods so here goes...
I scored this metal start for $1 at a sale. I plan to hang it in the nursery.
I was so excited to get this activity mat for only $3! I washed it and it now looks good as new.
I got this antique Avon perfume bottle of a cat for $0.50. I plan to resell this one.
I scored this fruit bowl for my dining room table for free! Gotta love the free boxes. Now I just have to decide what to put in it.
I got this train Avon antique bottle for $0.50 as well. I plan to resell it also.
I got all three of the above puzzles for $0.10 a piece! A bargain I could not pass up. They are the hard block puzzles perfect for a toddler!
I got this glass decanter for $0.50. As you can see I have already put in my bathroom and plan to put bath gel in it. Diddo with the one in the picture below:
The above baby hangers were free! The sweet people donated them to me when they saw my belly, haha.
I got the John Deer Gator toy in the above picture for $0.50 (my husband was already playing with this toy and was quite impressed by it, lol!), the baby shoes were never worn and were $0.10, and the baby toy was $0.25.
I got this train decanter which looks antique for $0.50. I plan to resell it as well.
I got an unopened box of Pampers Splashers for $0.50, and the Tonka dump trunk for $1, and John Deer tractor for $1. 

I got all the books pictured above from the same sale I got the activity mat and the two trucks...since I had spent $5 she through the books in for free! AWESOME!

I thought the newborn bathing suit above was too cute so I paid $1 for it, I go the bibs for $0.25 a piece, and the hat and book for $0.25 a piece.

I was super excited to have snagged this little table for outdoors by my lounger for $5. With a little black spray paint it will be good as new!

Another bargain I was really excited about were these hooded towels I snagged for $0.25 a piece! Seriously ya'll they look they were never even used! BAM!

As you can see above I got an opened box of disposable changing pads for $0.50, and two bags of baby forks/spoons for $0.75 a piece.

Last but most def not least I got the tool organizer shown above for the garage for $5. I can not tell you how much of a life changer this one is! Previously all these tools were just leaning up against the wall and would fall over on me every time I got in car.

All in all I felt it was a very successful day of yard sales! What fun find have you found this yard sale season?

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  1. Wow you got a TON of really great stuff!! Garage sales are just too much fun!

    1. Thanks! I LOVE them! So much fun to find a good deal or treasure!

  2. great finds I love all the yard saling going on thanks for sharing have a great week.