You're Like a Mom and Sister to Me #tbt

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I am so incredibly lucky to have a couple women in my life that are like family to me. My 'Aunt Nee' and Holly are two of the most important women (other than my wonderful mom and grandmother) in my life. Aunt Nee and Holly have literally been in my life since the day I came home from the hospital from being born. Aunt Nee and her daughter, Holly, were our next door neighbors at the time that quickly earned the title of Aunt and Sister. I love both of these women so incredibly much and would do anything for them! Since May is the month we honor our mothers I thought it would a perfect month to honor these women who are like family to me by sending them a "thinking of you" Hallmark Value Card. For fun I thought it would be a great idea to go to Walmart and print off some Throwback Thursday #TBT photos to include in the cards so we could all have a good laugh. I figured just because Mother's Day is over does not mean I could not take the opportunity to celebrate these women who mean so much to me during the rest of the month of May! Sending a greeting card is the perfect way for #ConnectingFriends and that is exactly what I intended to do. Here is a recent photo of Aunt Nee, Holly, and I at a baby shower they recently put on for me:

While at Walmart I had fun reading through all their friendship cards to pick out the perfect card to send each of them. I was really excited to see they had so many options of Hallmark cards.

I ended up purchasing two Hallmarks friendship cards to send each of them and purchased an extra birthday card for another friend as well.

The next step was to head over to the photo section at Walmart to print off TBT pictures to include in the Hallmark cards I planned to send. I ended up deciding to print the below images...check out the 80s glasses! The photo on the right was from the day I was born. Aunt Nee was totally rocking those awesome 80s glasses! The picture on the left was from the blizzard of '92. Good times, friends!

Here is a closer up version of baby me with my Aunt Nee:

After purchasing the cards and printing my #tbt photos the last step was to come home and write them each a note. Here's to hoping they both like their cards and photos. It's amazing how something as simple as writing a card to someone has the power of connecting friends in ways we often take for granted. 

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Thank you #CollectiveBias for the opportunity to shop and send a memory to two people I admire very much!

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  1. First off, I love you! Second, you're ma' Chelsea Boo (or Chels:)! Third, my mom rocked that hospital outfit and 80's glasses! Fourth, so blessed to have you in my life and what our friendship means to me! xo

    1. Love you too!!! And yes she totally rock it! So blessed God put you in my life! XO!

  2. Sounds like you have some pretty amazing women in your life. What a great way to celebrate your friendship with Hallmark cards and the tbt photos. Thanks for sharing. #client

    1. I am very lucky indeed to have so many wonderful women in my life!