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My diaper bag has become my "don't walk 10 feet without it bag"! Forget carrying a purse. I throw my wallet and cell phone in my diaper bag because it contains all the emergency essentials I need for my baby. However, if I’m not careful my diaper bag easily gets heavily overloaded with unnecessary items. I try to check it at least once a week to see what nonsense is in there that doesn't need to be. Most of the time it’s extra clothes (if I'm not careful 4-5 outfits will pile up), miscellaneous papers and blankets. It is funny how quickly it can feel up with items other than diapers. 

Then, I cut it back to the essentials and my shoulders and back thank me. I have also experienced the opposite problem when I don't have one of the diaper bag necessities. It's a nightmare. 
So, what have I decided are the diaper bag must haves?

Pacifier Pod w/ Paci. The Pacifier Pods are awesome. They clip on to the side of your diaper bag and hold your paci so it can be easily located when you need it. Even though my baby really is not a big paci fan we still make sure to keep it nearby in case of an emergency. 

Diapers + wipes. We are sure to keep the bag stocked with Parent's Choice Diapers from Walmart.  Always have more than you think you will need. I make sure I have at LEAST four on me at all times even if I plan on just running out for 15 minutes. If we plan to be gone for an extended period of time during the day I carry up to 10. 

Baby Powder + Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Cream. I make sure to carry both of these products in travel size containers. My pediatrician's office carries the Dr. Smith travel size containers so I make sure to get one each time we pay a visit there. 

Burp rags. Babies spit up. Throw up. Drool. And leak. This is another item that you always need more of than you think. 
First Aid Kit. Because you never know when you might need it. Ours is a miniature version that is not heavy and does not take up a lot of space in the diaper bag. 
Change of clothes + Bib. Babies leak and drool and have diaper explosions and sometimes a burp rag just does not cut it.

Swaddle Blanket. Good to lay down for the baby to lay on or if the baby gets cold, also doubles as a nursing cover! 
Feeding items. Since I am breastfeeding this includes an array of items including a nursing cover, breast shield, bib, burp cloth, and other items. 

Some sort of toy. Mainly in the stage we are in this is a rattle or some sort of colorful ball to distract and play with the baby when he wants or needs it. 

Feeding items. Since I am breastfeeding this includes an array of items including a nursing cover, breast shield, bib, burp cloth, and other items. 

Changing pad. Most every diaper bag includes one but just in case make sure you have a padded something you can lay down that is easy to wipe up if it gets messy. 

Boogie Wipes + Cleaning Wipes. Boogie wipes are fantastic! They have saline in them and are perfect for keeping your baby's nose clean. I also keep cleaning wipes that can be used for a variety of uses including cleaning off the baby's paci when it is dropped on the floor.

The Parent's Choice Diapers at Walmart I mentioned above have just as great of diaper absorbency as any leading brand but are available at a GREAT value. So great they allow you to save $240 in average annual savings which will help you keep your diaper bag stocked with all the other necessary items I mentioned above. Great news! You can currently save any more on these diapers that are already a great deal by using this coupon.

OK mommies here's your chance to weigh in...What other items are a must for your diaper bag?

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  1. Your diaper bag is full of the essentials! For me I always had to add in a few extra pacifiers because losing a pacifier without an extra was my worst nightmare! #client

  2. It's been a long time since I had to carry a diaper bag, but I always, always had lots of extra wipes. They are just necessary, and useful for everything.

  3. I have to be extra carful with diaper bag space because we use cloth diapers and they take up more space in the bag (but save us tons of money). Some people won't carry a well-packed diaper bag like yours, but I think it is worth it to carry all the things you mentioned… I would rather be over prepared than under prepared! :)

    1. Oh wow! I bet cloth diapers take up a lot of space but they do save money! I just can't bring myself to clean them out :)

      And yes I would rather be over prepared than under prepared as well!