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Let me start off by apologizing for my lack of blog posts lately. Being a mommy is hard work and I have been fully enjoying soaking up every single little second with my sweet little guy before I head back to work in two weeks. Let me tell you...ten weeks of maternity leave has FLOWN by! It has not been what I expected it to be in the least bit but I am very thankful to have had time off to bond with my son and learn how to be a mommy. 

Speaking of being a is simply not a job you can understand until you are a mommy. So many others tried to prepare me but it just not that simple. It is not something you can prepare yourself for. When people tell you that it is the single most rewarding thing you will ever do they are totally right. When they tell you it is the hardest thing you will ever do they are right. When they tell you it totally changes your life, guess what, they are right

So to the mommy that was a complete stranger when I walked into CVS today and by the time we left (five minutes later) felt as if we had been BFFs for life this post is for you.

Having a baby changes your life.
  • You will never again EVER, EVER be able to go out and have fun by yourself, with your girlfriends, or with your husband (another wards without your baby) in the same way you once did before. This is something I heard time and time again before I had "E" that I insisted would not be true for me. But guess what? It is...yes you do go out (eventually) and yes you do have fun but you can't leave without knowing that you are responsible for another human being's life and that you could be called home at any minute for any emergency situation or simply because you somehow miss that sweet little baby so much the event that used to be a ton of fun just honestly is not as much fun as it once used to be. 
  • The things you talk and think about will change. Things that you said you would never do you find yourself doing. And wanna know what is even weirder? You don't care. I always said I would never be that annoying mom who posted lots of pictures of their little one to social media. Well turns out I am that women and I don't even care what other people think of it. 
  • You will have a TOTALLY new appreciation/instant bond with other mommies. This brings me to my above statement about the mom I saw in CVS with a new baby and a toddler. The new baby was screaming in unison with my baby while she tried to put back the items her toddler had unknowingly "shopped for" and stuck in her pocket while walking around the store. We simply looked at each other and smiled and it was as if we had been best friends all our life and it was simply because we understood what each other were experiencing. I never knew seeing another mom I don't know nurse in a car could make me feel a love and respect for her as again....we get each other. Being a member of a sorority is the closest analogy I can give to you non mommies. I am an Alpha Gam and what I feel for other mommies is similar to the feeling you have for your sisters. You have a special bond that instant connects you and makes you appreciation each other. 
  • You will find yourself bouncing in your sleep. Bouncing a baby all the time takes a toll. My husband laughed at himself as he caught himself bouncing while presenting in a meeting a few weeks ago. Hey, when you have a baby with reflux you master the bounce! 
  • Most importantly when you join the mommy club your capacity to love will grow beyond what you thought could ever be possible. You will love your spouse even more than you did before (I also swore this was impossible and have been proved wrong) and the love you have for your child will be a love unlike that you have ever known.  There is no depth of pain you wouldn't take just to save your child from shedding a tear. This is no length you wouldn't go just to bring a smile to their face. 

Being a mommy....does it totally change your life, YES. Is is the hardest thing you will ever do, ABSOLUTELY. But is it the single most rewarding job in the world, 100%!!! Thank you, God, for blessing me with the gift of my precious son and for choosing me to be his mommy!

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  1. I absolutely love being a mom... it is not easy but I absolutely love it! love how you described how it is being a mom.

    1. I love being a mom too! There is nothing like it in the world! And thank you!

  2. Do not apologize for a lack of blog posts… enjoy that baby! ;)
    I love seeing all the red and black on your little one. Our little has a whole section of her closet devoted to the bulldogs!
    Thanks for linking up with WYWW!

    1. That you, Stasia! That means a lot! So glad to hear you are raising a little bulldawg too! Must be smart parents. ;)

  3. Amen!its the hardest thing ever but when you get a smile or big hug, everything seems right in the world!