How Being A Mommy is Changing Me

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Ya'll this week I will have been a mommy for 4 months!!! Unbelievable! Time is FLYING! I fall more and more in love with my little guy every day. I honestly think he is the cutest, sweetest baby on the planet but of course I am partial. :) Hey, as mommies we are all entitled to think that about our baby, right? Here is a picture of him from this weekend. Oh and he decided to roll over for the first time last night. We wondered why at 4:30 AM he was up laughing like crazy. After about 45 minutes of laughter and talking to himself my hubby and I checked the monitor to find he had rolled over on his tummy! I'm impressed! Good job buddy!

The big adjustment for us in the last month is that I returned to work so my little guy started "school." I am incredibly blessed that my office actually has on site child care so my little guy is just down the street on property here with me and is in class with all my co-workers kids! So far it has truly been an incredible experience with a few minor hiccups here and there...for example he got his first cold last week from a fellow class mate. But all and all I truly am blessed! I think I have the best possible working mom scenario going on. 

That being said I am still working full-time, blogging (I promise I am trying to as often as I can), a mom, wife, sister, friend, daughter, member of my community and church and adding the whole "mom" part in to life makes it almost impossible to fit everything in.

I can honestly say the last four months have changed me. I would like to think for the better but I guess that would depend on who you ask?

I am learning how honest the statement is "You can do anything but you can't do everything." 

This means I am learning to say no and prioritize what I do say yes to.

I am learning to leave unscheduled time on my calendar to just be a wife and mommy. This is HUGE for me.

I am learning that there are things I am going to have to be willing to give up and sacrifices that are going to have to be made in order to be the best mommy and wife I can be to my guys!

I am learning to accept help when it is offered.

I am learning that you don't have to apologize when you do say no. It is your right to decide how you spend your time and with whom. 

But the struggle is real ya'll. 

So I made my first step in my mission to eliminate and de-clutter everything in my life and the hubby and I hired a house cleaner this week! So Thursday I returned from work to a BEAUTIFUL, clean home. Hands down the best money I have ever spent! 

My advice? If you are a full-time working mom or even if you aren't hire a house cleaner! Skip eating for a week if you have to. I'm kidding! But really if you can find a way to make it work financially do it! I can promise you that you won't regret it and it will change your life! We are only having ours cleaned once a month cause it was all we could fit in the budget but it is enough to make it manageable for me to keep up in the weeks between. 

Ok moms...or even dads...give me some encouragement? In what ways has being a parent changed you?

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  1. Cute post! I am going to be a new mommy soon myself. Although I will get to stay home with baby, I know I have many big lessons to learn myself! From your list it sounds like you are being a wonderful Mommy, Wife and Co-worker balancing it all the best you can! I look forward to finding my own new rhythm of life when baby comes! Continued luck to you and your beautiful family!

    1. Congrats Alyssa! Being a mommy is the best job in the world! You are going to love it! Best wishes on your soon to be bundle of joy! And thanks for the kind words! You are so sweet!

  2. Our baby boy will turn 1 next week. I realize every night, when i calm down, how different i am now. Every day something happens that changes me a little more. It is amazing how this happens! I wish you and your family the best to come!

    1. Thanks so much! And happy birthday to your sweet little guy!

  3. I love to see the "birth" of a Mom. It's wondrous. God bless.

  4. This is so cute and the kids are too, love if you share this on Fabulous Friday Party

  5. What a great post!! Being a mom has made me want to be more present. It is so easy, even with him here, to get distracted with Facebook and work and such. But it make me want to make sure that I don't miss anything. He is truly amazing.

    1. thank you! And your right it is easy to get distracted but it truly puts your priorties in perspective :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by Fabulous Friday, I tried to leave a message but not sure if it took it, your kids are so cute and hope you had a great Halloween. Stop by this Friday for another Party
    thanks Maria