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My work team is very competitive. Every year for the past three years at Christmas time we have had a recipe competition. The first year it was cheese balls. Last year it was dips. This year we did crock pot recipes.

This year was a little different in we had the idea to all make a crock pot recipe (10 people on my team) but to invite our entire department to come taste test the recipes and judge which one was the best. We volunteered a few weeks ago at a homeless shelter in Atlanta and realized that they had  a very large need for bed sheets so we decided that as the "cover fee" to taste test our food we would ask everyone in our department to bring in a set of sheets as their entry fee. They could then try, and rank, all recipes from best to worst (#1 being the best, #10 being the worst).

It was a blast! All in all we were able to collect 15 sets of bed linens, 2 pillows, and $135 dollars in donations to purchase additional sheets! But best of all guess who the winner was?!? That's right! I won!! Whoop, whoop! I thought I would share with you all the winning recipe below. This is my husband's absolute favorite and is SO easy to make!

Italian Chicken
You need:
·         4 chicken breasts
·         Can of cream of chicken soup
·         Packet of Italian dressing salad dressing mix
·         Cream cheese (I use the fat free) block
Melt the cream cheese and soup together in a pan on the stove. Put the chicken in the crockpot and sprinkle the Italian dressing over the chicken. Pour the mixture of soup and cream cheese over the top. Cook for 4-5 on high or 6-8.5 hours on low. Shred chicken. This dish is delicious served over bow tie pasta or brown rice. 

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