Better late than Never? A Christmas Tour of Our Home

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Four simple words: Better. late. than. never. Right? Ok, so maybe you are totally over Christmas and the last thing you want to see is pictures of Christmas at our home and, if that is the case, I am sorry. BUT to cut myself some slack I have a 6.5 month old baby, work, and thoroughly enjoyed taking some time off for the holidays to enjoy being a mommy, wife, friend, cousin, daughter, you get the idea...

So before I am an entire month late here is the Christmas tour of our home. If you are over Christmas I apologize but I do enjoy documenting how I decorate each year. I wish I would have remembered to take a photo of our exterior decor but I forgot and decorations have long since been put away....oh well! Enjoy and hope everyone had a VERY Merry Christmas! 

Beginning with the view of my mantle from the couch...I love my antique ornaments in my lantern. Also love the "our greatest gift is you" frame with a picture of the 3D ultrasound of our baby from last Christmas. And at night it's pure magic in here.

Then I got bored of the silver and red ball trees and found these adorable glass trees at TJ Maxx so I switched it up mid way through the season:

I love my nativity...My grandmother gave it to me a few years ago!

I loved my table arrangement this year full of greenery and hand picked pine cones from the north GA mountains. 

Totally and fully took advantage that this is the last year that our elf on the shelf can stay put all year. And I think he enjoyed his location. ;)

 My hands down favorite Christmas "decor" is our hanging Christmas cards on the kitchen cabinets. Every year we hang striped Christmas ribbons on these cabinets and as cards come in we put them up with a clothes pin. I love looking at our family and friends throughout the season! 

I love the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree in little bit's room. 
And of course I had to put a tree with lights on it in his room.
Next comes the guest room with furniture I have been dying to re-do and update.

And like a big dummy I forgot to take pictures of our bedroom and bathroom. Dang it! 
Hope you enjoyed the tour! 

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