Mommy Hormones

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Ya'll my baby is now 9+ months and I think I am just now starting to get postpartum depression. Is that possible? I picked the little guy up from school yesterday to find out he had started eating table food....and he jumped right in...seriously! (He ate pears, cantaloupe, strawberries, graham crackers, yogurt, chicken nuggets, and tater tots all in one day!) That being said I cried all the way home. 

Then today I was dropping him off and he crawled over and hugged his friend and I starting tearing up again! What is wrong with me? The more independent he is getting the more sad I am getting. Is that normal??? I promise I really am excited his independence is growing but why oh why then do I feel so sad? My mommy hormones are through the roof. Then in the last couple weeks I have had to friends with kiddos/babies little man's age tell me they are thinking about having another baby. What the what?!? I have had to hold my jaw from letting it hit the floor! We were just pregnant like yesterday, right? How can you possibly be thinking about going through it all over again? Is your birth story not still crawling up the end of your mind every chance it gets. Are my feelings normal or have I gone off the deep end? Mommy world please help! 

I really am enjoying this stage of the little guy's life. This past weekend we went to an Easter Egg Hunt and spring festival in our neighborhood and he rocked it out. He was an egg hunting champ. And they had a petting zoo and a train you could ride which in his world was the He really loves animals! Maybe he will be a vet?! 

It continues to amaze me how much personality these little humans can have. They are so smart. A couple weeks ago our little guy was in the stage where he was pulling up on EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. He was pulling up but up until this week he had not mastered the squatting down yet stage. He had pulled up and gotten stuck and started to fuss. His teacher could not get to him immediately as she was changing another baby's diaper. Another little girl in his class who is a few months old and more advanced in her motor skills was watching the situation and when she heard their teacher say just a minute the baby girl walked over to our little guy and used her hands to help little guy down. SO precious! 

Hope you are all off to a great start to your Easter week! 

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  1. My baby is coming on 2 years old! It's so nice to finally see her growing and being independent but at the same time I miss my little baby! Totally understand!! Happy Tuesday!!