Yard Sale Scores

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It's officially that time of the year again...yard sale season! Which means I finally have a new yard sale scores post to share with you all. This past weekend was a neighborhood yard sale near us with some very nice homes and I racked up! My total for this weekend was $54.25. Without further ado here are my treasures:
small Shabby chic lantern $2
This was one of my favorite finds...lamp base $7.50
another favorite find...lamp base I purchased from same seller as above for $7.50
Child size croquet sticks (purchased 2) for $1
ceramic bird to put in a planter $1
pillow cover $3
cowboy lamp (to be used in our son's big boy room) $5
little boy's Masters hat $0.50
hand towel $1
two red metal stars $1
Christmas Tree to put out at front door $10
Metal Bird Dish...Hadn't had a chance to clean up yet but I think it will shine right up $1
Wooden Salad Bowl another favorite find and it was a steal at $0.25
Metal Shabby chic candle holder $2
Concrete Shabby chic planter $3
Mason Jar Hanging Pendant Light $1
Old school Little People Garage with Lamborghini car $1, Cars car and Tonka Truck $1 total
Books all but two were free I paid $0.50 for the two I bought 
Super comfy Urban Outfitters sweatshirt $1
Black Pea-coat jacket $4
It was a pretty great weekend of yard sale finds! Now to clean it all up and find it all a home! 

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