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Happy Thursday everyone! I'm so glad we are FINALLY having some nice weather! This past weekend was gorgeous and my hubby and I took full advantage of the weather to do some much needed yard work. 

After a weekend full of work come Sunday night we were ready for a little wind down and celebrate our work time. The baby was in bed and we decided it would be a great time to get some burritos and enjoy an outdoor picnic.

I ran up to the grocery to pick up some diapers on my way to pick up the food and noticed these Palm Breeze spritzers drinks at the store. They looked delicious and refreshing after a long weekend full of work so I picked up a few to enjoy with our dinner. Plus they were on sale for $0.99 a piece, score!

Palm Breeze sparkling alcohol spritzers comes in two tropical flavors, Pineapple Mandarin Orange and Ruby Red Citrus and are the perfect refreshing summer treat. I picked up a few of each flavor. I would describe the drinks as fruity and a fun alternative to beer with a little more 'tang' than soda. Sweet but not too sweet if you get what I'm saying.  The best part is that these drinks are PERFECT for the pool or beach because unlike many other malt drinks they are in a can and not glass and as we all know so many beaches and pools prohibit glass. Throw a cute koozie on your can and you are good to go! 

With Memorial Day around the corner, I’m getting super excited for all things summer and will definitely be keeping these Palm Breeze spritzers on hand when I need a tasty refreshing drink. For anyone that is not a fan of beer, or just wants to try something refreshing after a hard day's work like us, look for these in the drink aisle at your local grocery store!

Ps. If any of y'all live in the DC area, Palm Breeze and Blo Blow Dry Bar are having a girls night out event next Monday, May 11th and you can RSVP here.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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