Product Review: Kidecals

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Today I wanted to share with you all a product I was sent to try out by Kidecals. This company makes name labels that stick to any surface. All of their products are waterproof which means they are dishwasher, washing machine,  AND dryer safe! They really have a super neat product.

Yes I do realize we have quite the assortment of sippy cups. What can I say. We like some variety in our life. Ha. 

I ordered monogram stickers for my little guy to stick on all his sippy cups that go back and forth to friend's houses, church, daycare, etc. They are great for sippy cups because you can literally pop the sippy cup in the dishwasher and the label does not come off! 

I also really like the idea of ordering a set with my address and family name to stick on dishes so you can make sure you get your dish back when you take food to pot luck or bring dinner to a family. 

I received a test product to review in exchange for a honest review. However, all opinions are my own. I do not promote products that I would not buy myself. 

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