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Because let's be honest. When I started out with the Hodge Podge Tuesdays I truly had the best of intentions. But life gets crazy and it is summer and well...they have fallen to the curb the last month or so. All that to say I thought until the summer is over I would go ahead and post what I am loving today. Who cares it is not Tuesday right? O.k. here goes...

This summer has had really high 'highs' and really low 'lows'. It has grown us as a couple, as parents,friends, and family members. It has been filled with lots of love (seriously so far there have been 8 weddings), big milestone celebrations (our little guy turned one), and some heartbreak as well. I look forward to posting more about each event in the weeks to come. In the meantime here are some of the latest things I am digging in life right now:

1. The Atlanta Zoo 

There is currently a Groupon where you can get two paid adult tickets for $25. If you live in Georgia I highly encourage you to take advantage of this great deal! I had the opportunity to take my son for his 1st birthday back in June and we had a BALL. It was such an awesome day and I was truly surprised on just how "in to it" he was. It was a day full of memories we will never forget. O.k. I will never forget...he's one and let's face it. He probably won't remember. They also have a new amphibian exhibit at the zoo that is super nice! 

2. She Read's Truth App: Women in the Word // Old Testament

If you are not familiar with this app you are seriously missing out. It is packed with awesome short bible studies you can do each day. I am currently late to the party but have been really enjoying digging in to The Women in The Word series in the Old Testament. Ya'll this is such great stuff! I HIGHLY recommend it! 

3. The Bachelorette's Worst Season Ever

Seriously though would you not agree? It's totally a dud of a season but I still am enjoying watching the mindless television. It truly makes me laugh and has been a good mental break for my hubby and I the past few weeks.  

4. Fireworks at the Lake

We celebrate the 4th every year at our lake house in the mountains. To me it is the most relaxing place on the earth.  You seriously can not beat sitting their rocking in the waves staring at fireworks in the sky over a mountain range. This place IS my happy place.

5. The Right Reasons by Sean Lowe

I am currently reading this book and have been surprised by how much I am enjoying it. If I am honest the only reason I read the book to begin with is because I am obsessed with Sean's sister, a fellow blogger, Shay and her blog. Check her out if you have not all ready. She has the most precious children ever and is so real which I love. She also posts the best recipes ever.

7. Enjoying the Little Things in Life

This summer more than ever I am really learning to love the small things in life that you can easily blink and miss such as my son being so proud of himself as he brushed his teeth for the first time earlier this week. People take my advice...stop and appreciate this moments because if you blink you just might  will miss them! 

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