Where is your happy place? *Link Party*

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We all have that one place...the place where you envision yourself when something bad or painful is happening (like labor). You know...mind displacement...the place that brings you total peace and serenity. Today I thought it would be fun to show you mine and create a link party where would could all display and show off our happy places. Maybe yours is on the beach or in the mountains or maybe it is in a big comfy chair in your living room...I would love to see 'your place.' And don't pretend you don't have one...if you are a mommy than there was something or somewhere you pictured as you fought to bring your precious child in to the world. Feel free to read about mine below (picture above) and show off yours to the blogging world!

My happy place is Lake Burton which is a little bit of paradise nestled right in the North Georgia mountains. I have had the privilege of growing up at Lake Burton (seriously I was two weeks old my first visit) my entire life. My family owns a lake house that has been in our family since my mom was high school. I have so many wonderful memories at this house and have spent so many of my spring and summers there that it honestly feels even more like home than home. 

Tragically we lost both our home and boat house (both of which had been built by my now deceased grandfather and my dad when he was dating my mom) back in 2011 in a tornado that come through the area. But we have spent the last four years re-building and we finally have both a home and a boat house to stay and play at again. You can see a previous post of images from our re-build here

I brought my son to the lake house for the first time when he was only 8 days old. At 9 days old he had his first boat ride. At 10 days old we put his feet in the water for the first time. O.k. so maybe I'm crazy...don't believe me? Here is a photo.

For me this place is totally my happy place. It does not matter if it is raining or a beautiful sunny day. All I need to do is sit out on our patio or picture myself floating on the floating dock and I have achieved my goal of total mind displacement. 

O.k. it's time, link up below and tell us about your happy place.  And just for giggles here is a photo of our little for the first time in his life vest. I'm not sure if it is hilarious or just sad. He was SO tiny! 

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