Stories of "E"

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You guys our 14 month old is off the chain. He is so sweet and so fun but totally crazy and acts like he is way older than 14 months old. He has done so many funny things in the last week alone it is mind blowing. My grandmother keeps telling me I need to document these stories because she promises me I will forget them if I don't. Even though I don't want to believe it, I know she is right. Just last night I had the opportunity to bring dinner to a friend of mine that just had a son, you saw his picture if you follow me on instagram, and was blown away thinking that my guy was ever that small. How quickly time passes and memories fade way to quickly.

That being said I couldn't think of a better place to document these stories than on my blog so you can all enjoy and laugh/cheer/groan along with here goes the first of what I am sure will be many installments of "Stories of E."

  • Earlier this week I had set the oven to preheat to 500 degrees. My hubby was sick in bed and E was starving so in an effort to distract him while the oven preheated I took him outside to play. I came back inside a few minutes later to put the dish in the oven and the oven was off. Of course I blamed my husband. "Why did you get out of bed and turn the oven off," I asked. O.k. saying it back I realize it doesn't make very much sense. Of course he told me he hadn't and I reset the oven to preheat. Then I went to fold some laundry. You guessed it I come back to find the oven off. This time I decided to stay in the kitchen and clean some dishes so I could monitor. It was the third time I caught him in the act. He walked right over to the oven and pressed the clear/off button. Busted. 
  • Yesterday my husband got half way to work before he realized he had forgotten his wallet. By the time he realized we had already left the house for work and so he turned around to come get it. An hour a half later he still could not find it anywhere. The problem (besides the fact that he was no very late to work) was that his truck only had 8 miles left to empty and he had no way to pay for gas. I had a very frustrated husband as you can imagine. I call my mom to see if she can meet him to borrow money for gas as he calls his co-worker to make sure he didn't leave it at his office the night before. A few minutes later I get a call back from him. He finally found the wallet. It was stuffed in the cabinet under my sink in the bathroom, the same sink we have a child lock on so it only opens 1/4 inch. Thanks, E. Daddy loves you, too. 
  • Last night I had put footie pajamas on E to go to bed in and he takes off running on our hardware floors. As he does he realizes that he can slide across the hardwoods so he proceeds to run and slide with his arms in the air yelling, "wheeee," over and over again until he falls. Then he wants to do it again. 
  • He loves to play tag and peek-a-boo or hide and seek. This morning he was "hiding" behind the blinds in our bedroom and wanted to play peek-a-boo. Every time he would peek out he would pull up on a blind slot so you could just see his eyeballs. It was quite adorable. Wish I could have gotten it on video.
  • One of his favorite things to do every morning is to bring Daddy his work shoes. When Daddy says E where are my shoes? He runs around the house looking for them and brings them to him one by one. The shoes are bigger than he is so it is really a funny thing to see. Anytime he does something for you he expects a big hug so we trick him in to 'helping' us so we can get our big hug from E man.
  • This morning he grabbed a decorative throw pillow off my bed, my slipper, and a hanger and was walking around the house laying on the pillow, cuddling the slipper, and covering up with the hanger. Then he would pick everything up move it all 2 feet and set it all up again. Here is a picture. 

Man I love this child. 

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