Vacation 2015 Photo Dump

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We had a wonderful vacation last week just the three of us at PCB. Although it was different than vacations in the past when we were just a family of 2 it was so fun to see our almost 15 month old experience the beach for the first time (well technically for the 2nd time but the first time doesn't really count since he was only a few weeks old and HATED it). This time around went so much better. He absolutely loved playing in the sand and the water. 

We had the best time just being together as a family. The highlights of the trip included: "E" learned how to high five, eat with a utensil, and say "boat" and "bird" while we were there. Now anything big that is really exciting is a "boat." Hence every 18 wheeler we pass on the interstate on our commute to school/work everything morning I hear a little voice say "boat!" His other favorite thing to say is "uh-oh" when he drops something or something bad happens. It is pretty adorable. Here are some of my favorite photos from our trip.

 when we first got to the condo the guys ran out on the porch to get a view of the ocean 

"What is this sand stuff guys?"

 first time trying a donut from Donut Hole

We had a wonderful time! Where was your favorite family trip this summer?

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