Creating an Inviting Guest Bathroom

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One of the easiest things to do to ensure your guests have a remarkable experience when visiting your home is to create a warm, inviting, and comfortable guest bathroom. Let's be honest....bathroom experiences are designed to be forgotten and quite honestly the best bathroom experiences are the ones you don't remember because the restroom had everything you needed. This post is to highlight the some of the ways you can create an inviting bathroom experience for your guests.

1. Have plenty of toilet paper handy where your guests can find it. 

I keep a basket of toilet paper on the back of the guest toilet and make sure there are at least three rolls of toilet paper in the basket at all times. This ensures that a guest does not have to try to hunt down more if your stock runs low during a party or, worse, have to ask you for more. I also always make sure to have plenty of strong + flexible toilet paper like Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong from Walmart for maximum comfortable and flexibility. 

Quilted Northern Ultra Soft and Strong has been providing quality and comfort since 1902 and is sewer and septic safe. 

2. Have hand towels available for your guests.

My favorite kind are the paper hand towels that guests can discard after use. You can usually find monogrammed paper towels at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. 

3. Make sure your restroom remains smelling inviting by lighting a candle or keeping air freshener on a shelf so it is handy for guests who would like to use it. 

I go back and forth between the two but since we have a toddler at the moment who loves to try to dig his fingers in a candle when I am not looking I currently have a clean cotton air spray on the shelf for guests to use. 

4. Keep the essentials handy. 

Think through the items your guests might not have brought with them that might be nice to have. I keep little jars on a crate shelf in my bathroom that include items such as paper cups in case over night guests want a swig of water to swallow medicine, Q-tips, cotton balls, and dental floss. 

5. Stock up on hotel size shampoos and conditioners. 

I keep a basket full of the little shampoos and conditioners I get while traveling that I have not opened for my guests who may not bring there own. This way they feel free to use their own soap and discard when they are finished. 

What tips and tricks do you have for creating a remarkable bathroom experience for your guests? I would love to what makes for the most enjoyable experience in your opinion. 

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