Hodge Podge Tuesday

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It's time for another round of my Hodge Podge Tuesday favorites.

1. Parenthood

I know I have posted about this show before but my gosh...if you haven't watched it please do! I truly think this show may be my favorite ever series I have watched. We finished the first five sessions on Netflix this past weekend and I was crying like a baby when it ended. I am dying for the last and final session to come on Netflix Anybody have any idea when it is supposed to air?

2. First 5 App

This is my new favorite app. It is through Proverbs 31 Ministries and is an app in which you set your alarm through the app and upon turning off your alarm it opens the app to a five minute bible study. The idea being that the first few minutes of your day and what you do with it have a huge impact on your day. This app is A-MAZING. Download it now.

3. Lysa TerKeurst

Related to the last favorite I had the opportunity to attend a woman's retreat last week and hear Lysa TerKeurst speak and you guys...I love her! The way she reads the Bible is incredible and I love that she has a passion for equipping women to share their stories for God's glory. I have recently read one of her books, The Best Yes, and would highly encourage you to read it as well. It is all about learning to say no so you can yes to the best requests.

4. Strong & Kind

I know I have also side bar posted about Korie Robertson's new book but it is so good and I am enjoying it so much that it is worth repeating. I have filled an entire notebook full of notes to discuss with my husband as they relate to parenting. The basic idea is that you need to pick two characteristic traits to engrave into your children. I will share more about the traits we choose later. 

5. Booties & Blanket Scarves

Booties and blanket scarves are the styles of the season. I am loving this pair and this scarf. These are going to the top of my Christmas list. 

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  1. Parenthood was one of my favorite shows of all time. I just loved the "real" aspect of the show. Very relatable on so many levels! I'm not sure when the last season will come out, but I ended up watching mine via Ipad apps. I just couldn't wait any longer! Honestly, I think I will watch the show again...it was just that good!! ;)

    I LOVED "The Best Yes". Probably one of the best books I've read all year!