A Ball of Fun Playdate

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I received free products in order to host a Bright Starts League of Little Laughers sponsored play date . All opinions in this post are my own.
Few things in life compare to that of a child's laughter. Thanks to Bright Starts I recently got to hear a lot of laughter as I had the pleasure of hosting a play date for my son featuring some of Bright Starts League of Little Laughers toys. If you are a parent then you know play dates are awesome because not only do they allow mommies to catch up but they are allow our kids to get some socialization and create friendships. 

As a mom I look for toys that are both educational and fun and grow with the child as they age. Bright Starts creates toys that are just that. Our play date consisted of kids from a wide range of ages and they all enjoyed the toys (ages 9 months-6 years old)! 

The biggest hit of the play date was the  Learn and Giggle Activity Station (on sale right now for $30). E can sit there and play for a solid 15 minutes with this one toy alone which is amazing. That means I can actually start dinner, thank you Bright Starts!

The runner up favorite was the Spin & Giggle Puppy ($19.99). None of us moms had ever seen anything like it. It kept the babies AND older kids happy. This toy brought some much laughter to the kids. I love it and would highly recommend it if you are still looking for a Christmas gift. 

We have found the Learn & Giggle Fish ($17.99) makes a wonderful car toy. The lights and sounds really keep my toddler memorized in the car. Well at least for 5 minutes or so, ha. They loved this toy so much they wouldn't even let us stop and take it out of the box.

All the kids love the Giggables ($8.99) and Bunch of Balls ($7.99). My kid LOVES to throw balls around the house so an entire container of plastic balls was jackpot to him! The play date quickly turned in to a ball throwing session with lots of little laughter. 

I think my favorite thing about Bright Starts is that they offer toys that are affordable. The most expensive thing in this review was the Learn and Giggle Activity Station for $29.99 (regularly $39.99). It’s almost impossible to find new toys at that price! I love when I am able to review products that I would buy myself. I have no problem recommending these toys to all of my friends since they were very much enjoyed by all.  If you’re still looking for Christmas presents, you should definitely consider these toys from Bright Starts.
What are your favorite baby toys?

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