Christmas Shopping Made Easy + Giveaway

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You guys know I am ALL about saving time and money when I can so I can focus my time, energy, and money on what truly family and friends! This time of the year is simply magical with a 17 month old and I am soaking up every minute. 

One of my favorite places to shop is Sam's Club. Not only can you quickly and easily stock up on all the Everyday Essentials (more to come on that in a minute) to ensure you are holiday ready but Sam's Club also sales lots of amazing gifts for everyone on your Christmas list all while allowing you to save a ton of money. 

I cut my normal stock up trip time in half by ordering my stock up sizes of my Everyday Essentials such as Bounty paper towels, Glad trash bags, and Gain Original Fireworks dish washing soap through the Club Pickup option on Sam's Club website on my phone and by selecting a time and date to pick up my items. Here is a screenshot of what it looked like on my phone.

Then when I showed up at the store all I had to do was stop at this handy kiosk station and they brought my items to me. Uh, hello. Why I have not done this my entire life? Not only am I maximizing my dollar but I can get in and out and fast-which any of you with a toddler know what a win that is! Jackpot!

While I was at Sam's Club I was able to pick up a few amazing Christmas gifts as well and plan to go back again to get more (next time I will leave my toddler at home with dad ;)). 

Here are a few of the goodies I picked up all for under $100. Do you know that members that stock up on holiday essentials at Sam's Club will save about $97? 

PJ's for my son...Christmas gift jackpot, but shh, don't tell!

This Nautica beach umbrella is a jackpot win for a gift for my husband. He said we had to have a new one before our next beach trip after our last one died on our beach trip so I was pumped to find this one, awesome quality and only $15! Shh, don't tell! 

These adorable shoes will make a great gift for my son!

Shopping at Sam's Club truly allows you to save money without compromising on quality or convenience to free up your time and money on the things that really matter. 

Enter to win a $100 Sam's Club gift card below. 
$100 Sam's Club Gift Card Giveaway for Everyday Essentials
Vendor calculation based on proprietary methodology comparing average non-promoted retail price per unit from a combination of leading U.S. retail outlets vs. average retail price per unit at Sam’s Club® for 2 months ending September 26, 2015. Pricing and item availability may vary in Alaska, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, and on

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