Meeting Santa Claus

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This year was little E's second year meeting Santa Claus. He has been SO in to everything Christmas. Everytime he sees Santa (whether real or stuffed) he says "Ho, ho, ho." It's pretty adorable. 

Our neighborhood association has Santa come to our clubhouse one day every year. Santa is such a great Santa. It's the perfect opportunity to see him because you don't have to wait in line and you can take your own pictures. They give you a number and then you go to a room with cookies, juice boxes, and Christmas crafts and wait for your number to be called in that room. Perfect. 

When it was our turn E was WAY excited. Until it was time to sit in Santa's lap. As long as I was with him it was fine but he was a little skeptical about sitting in Santa's lap alone. No tears. Just skeptical. Can't say I blame him.

The following day we went to our local Avenue as they were offering free horse and carriage rides which was also a huge hit. Santa was also there and E insisted on seeing him again. This time he gave him a high five and blew him kisses. Still didn't want to sit in his lap alone so we got a family picture, ha. We didn't expect to see Santa so weren't picture ready. When it was our time to leave Santa he did not want to. He wanted to just stay there and blow him kisses all day long. Christmas is going to be SO fun. 

One of my favorite things we have done yet this year to celebrate Christmas was a drive thru nativity I took the little guy through. Unfortunately Daddy had to miss out since he was sick so I let E sit in my lap as we drove through. He was so interested in learning all about the nativity story. My favorite part was when he said "Love ew" to Jesus at the end. 

Someone should have warned me how much fun 18 months would be. I was truly unprepared. I thank God everyday for blessing us with this little guy. 

What was your kid's reaction to Santa this year?

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