Toddler Fun in the ATL

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If you are looking for a fun family activity and live in the Atlanta area I have a suggestion for you. We took our little guy (18 months) to Legoland for the first time a few weeks ago and had a blast! I was worried he might be to young but he absolutely loved it. And mommy and daddy had a good timed as well. ;) 

If I had to guess his favorite thing about LEGOLAND was the Lazor Blast Ride. We rode it three times and he cried when we said we needed to go see something else. However, he also really liked the 4D theater and playing with the more than 2 million blocks at the exhibit.  My husband and I both really enjoyed the MINI-LAND where their is a full replica of the city of Atlanta made out of Legos along with a replica Star Wars land...too cool! Because photos tell a thousand words below are some photos from the highlights of our fun day.

He weighs 10,500 Lego blocks. :)

Part of Star Wars Land

Watching the "choo choo" better known as Marta go around Atlanta

Playing in the blocks

Just doing some building

Racing the car he built with Daddy

4D theater fun with Mommy and Daddy; also his first "movie" ever

I would highly encourage everyone to go check out Legoland if you have a nephew or son ages 1.5-10! We had a blast! Don't forget you can download a coupon through my previous LEGOLAND post here.

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