Our Engagement Story in Honor of V-Day

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Happy Valentine's Day weekend everyone! I love, love. Really though. I know, I know; Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday but I appreciate any opportunity I have to express my love and appreciation to those in my life. Particularly my amazing husband. 

He is truly incredible. He loves me and supports me and has been my best friend for a decade now. I feel so privileged that we have gotten to grow up together and get to "do life" together every day. 

In honor of this holiday of love I thought it would be fun to share with you all our engagement story. Without further ado...here goes.

It was June 6, 2010 a Sunday. We started off the day in the same way we spent just about every Sunday. By attending church together. After church is when things really started to get fun. We returned to my parents home (they live on land and have a lake on their land). He escorted me down to the lake where he had setup a white linen picnic gourmet lunch he had prepared for me complete with all my favorite foods. He had a poem he wrote for me sitting on my plate and a CD full of music of "our songs" was playing.  He had rented a white tent so we would have shade (it was a June day in Georgia) and had candles and fine China. There were even rose petals on the grass around the tent and two dozen pink roses (my favorite) in the middle of the table. It was an amazing, romantic lunch but the day didn't end there. 

After lunch we spent the afternoon geocaching around the county. He would hand me a clue and I would have to geocache to the next box to find the next clue. I was totally on to something and it was so fun wondering if there was going to be a ring in the next box we found. We ended up making 4 different stops. In each location he had previously left a new clue for the next location.

At our last stop we ended up at a local landmark that we happened to visit on one of our first dates. We had always thought the location was fun and romantic (it is actually the location of the glass manufacturer in Sweet Home Alabama if you have ever seen that movie). When I got down to see what was in the final box instead of receiving a clue I found a poem he had written me asking me to be his wife. I turned around with tears in my eyes to find him on one knee. Quite honestly I can't even remember what he said. I wish I could but I was crying so hard and saying "yes" so many times that I honestly don't. Thank goodness I still have the poem and those words with me for the rest of my life. 

My now brother-in-law had been following us around all day (without me knowing; well until the final stop when I actually saw him hiding in a bush but that is a different story) taking pictures and documenting the day (hence the pictures I am able to share with you guys). 

I later learned that this whole plan for engagement was supposed to end with a proposal in a hot air balloon but due to weather had to be postponed. We ended going on our hot air balloon ride a couple days later. Honestly, the entire thing could NOT have been more perfect in my eyes. 

I will never forget that moment. I remember calling my family and best friends right there from the site and telling my grandfather and grandmother they needed to come over to parents house so I could show off the ring. (A memory that is incredibly precious to me as my grandfather, whom was my second father, unexpected passed away a few short months later). It was my fairy tale story and I will always be thankful to my incredible hubby for giving me such an awesome proposal. 

Have an amazing Valentine's Day everyone! Hugs and kisses!

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