Stories of "E" Round 2

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It's time for round 2 of "Stories of E." For those of you who may not have seen my prior "Stories of E" post (you can check it out here) it is a place where I document the adorable, crazy, sweet, silly stories of our now 19 month old. He is so sweet yet so funny. It continues to blow my mind how quickly time passes and memories fade way far more quickly than they ever should. O.k. I'm done being sentimental. Here goes the craziness:

  • He has just learned how to say his name. Today he found my mirror I use to see the back of my hair and comes up to me, "Mommy, dat E***." Cracking me up.
  • Right now his favorite person in the whole wide world is my Dad, his grandfather. Although my dad had a different name he is hoping to be called, E, has labeled him "dawh." To say he is obsessed with dawh is an understatement. He wants to call dawh all the time. If dawh is busy or I am busy and can't call he calls dawh on a pretend phone. The other day I hear him in his room with a thermometer up to his ear, "hey dawh, what cha doin dawh. ooohh, dogs."  The dogs are his second favorite thing the whole wide world.  Here is a picture of him with my dad from Sunday. He wouldn't lay still in my arms like that for a second.
  • Day before yesterday we had our first we got bite incident at school. Poor guy got it bad. Full out bite marks through his skin were still showing up 24 hours later. When I picked him up he wanted to tell me all about it and kept kissing his own arm. When I asked what he told his friend when his friend bite him he said, "Go way." Seriously.
  • Chasity is his new teacher at school. On the way home yesterday he keeps saying to me "asity." I took me a while to put it together. Ohh, are you talking about Ms. Chasity I finally asked? He responds with an enthusiastic "yes." What do you like about Ms. Chasity I asked? He responds, "row, row, row boat." She sings this song to him often. 
  • E is not great about eating his vegetables. The other night we were trying to get him to eat his green beans. He loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him so we told him he needed to eat his green beans so he could be strong like daddy. Out of no where he goes "stronnnggg" in a deep voice and flexes his muscles. Cracked us up. We had no idea where he learned that as it certainly wasn't from us. I told his teacher and sure enough a they had been doing it a couple weeks ago when they were talking about Goliath. This kid amazes me.
Thank you, God, for the wonderful gift of allowing me to be this boy's mommy. He continues to wow me everyday. 

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