Summer Time Wedding Trends

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Today I am excited to share with you all a guest post on summer weddings. :)

Summer weddings this year will have much to offer in terms of trends. From color 

palettes to different types of music and even a change in demand for certain types of 

wedding venues, you can expect that the 2016 wedding season will be a bit different 

than 2015’s. 

2016 Summer Wedding Trends

Here are some of the more prominent trends to watch out for during 2016’s summer 

wedding season. 

1. Vibrant colors – Sophisticated brights are all the rave. Not too flashy though, 

definitely not anywhere near carnival-like bright. The trend is more about 

selecting one bright color and using it throughout as a sort of statement. Think 

bold oranges and such. 

2. Natural accents – The use of fruits and veggies in centerpieces will make a big 

statement this summer wedding season. Expect them alongside bright colors (as 

noted above) and less popular floral selections such as succulents. 

3. Relaxing music – Expect to hear more ukuleles and steel drums this summer, as 

opposed to cheesy 80’s cover bands. The trend is creating a relaxing and laid-

back atmosphere for guests. An environment to sit back and enjoy the weather, 

nature and good tunes. 

4. Themes – Think cabin in the woods, beach, mountain and farm themes. Anything 

that takes the bride and groom back to their roots will be popular this summer. 

You can expect the scene to be accessorized with well thought-out additions that 

specifically tie the wedding back to the bride or groom’s (or both) younger years. 

5.  Cake flavors – Traditionally, one might almost always expect to see a white 

wedding cake and chocolate groom’s cake. This season though, with bakers 

these days thinking outside the box in their offerings, you can expect that there 

will be the addition of seasonal ingredients in the cakes. Fresh berries, even 

herbs might find their way onto your plate. You never know. 

There you have it. Most certainly not ALL of the fads trending this summer 2016 

wedding season, but the top 5 that you can for sure expect to see. 

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