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Wow, well hello and goodbye to March. Can you guys believe it is the end of March? To say this month has a been a blur would be an understatement. I have been traveling A LOT this month for work. This month alone I have been to the bayou of Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Houston, Galveston, and then back to Houston. It has been busy but it has also been great. I have gotten to see and experience lots of things I hadn't before up to this point and it has forced me to become very intentional on the time I am home with my guys. Here are some highlights of this month.

- Breakfast Dates with Mommy

With all my travel lately the little guy and and I have created a pretty cool tradition where we try to have a "Mommy & Me Date" as we call it to breakfast before I head to the airport to fly out for a trip. It has become a special time to the both of us that we both look forward to. 

-Swap tour of the Bayou

While visiting the bayou I had the opportunity to take a swamp tour with some co-workers. It was really neat. We saw lots of alligators and birds and really neat trees and part of my favorite part was our tour guide's strong accent. 

-St. Patrick's Day Parade at E's School

This adorable event is my favorite year little guy's school puts on each year. I made sure to hop a flight back in time to make the parade and it didn't disappoint. So adorable. 

-Visiting JFK's Assassination Site in Dallas

I had a chance while in Dallas to tour the museum and site of JFK's assassination. Surreal to see a place you have seen so many times in movies in person. 

-Discovering our Kid is a Daredevil

He also does this thing where he holds on to the bar above the tall slide and swings. Double yikes. 

-Easter Egg Hunts

So far we have completed two and have four more planned for this weekend if the weather cooperates. We love to help resurrection! 

-Rudy's BBQ

Because when in Texas....need I say more?

-Eating some fantastic food and seeing Dolphins in Galveston 

Neat place. Lots of really cool historic buildings. 

And last but most definitely not least. Getting this video while traveling from my hubby.

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