10 Qualities to Look for in a Husband

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This incredible man had a birthday this week. 

I am totally blessed to be able to call him mine. In honor of him I thought it would be timely to write a post on the top 10 qualities to look for in a husband. I truly got so lucky in being married to a man who is not only the love of my life and my best friend but an amazing father. Here are 10 qualities to look for when you are searching for a husband.

1. Someone who shares your faith.
If they don't belief with you do sorry ladies but it is a no-go. I can not tell you how important this is....you should not go in to it with the mentality of you will win them over once you are married. Our faith and belief in Christ is the backbone to our marriage. We both believe divorce is not an option and we are God's gift to each other and when you are on the same page on this it changes the game.

2. Someone who has the same life goals as you.
Do you both want kids? Want to travel the world? Live in the city? Do it all? Make sure the ones that really matter to you both are aligned.

3. Someone who can make you laugh.
Let's admit it. Sometimes life is hard. If your spouse can make you laugh through those not so fun circumstances it will make life a whole lot more fun.

4.  Someone who pampers you.
J does such a great job of always putting me first no matter what and I in turn try to always do the same for him. It is a game changer when the person is truly a servant leader and wants to do for you before themselves. He truly dotes on me and treats me like a princess. 

5. Someone who is willing to do your hobbies with you.
J will watch my TV shows with me just to spend time with me or spend his entire Saturday morning yard saling with me just because he wants to be with me - I in turn will go golfing with him or watch his favorite show with him. Enjoying being together no matter what you are doing is so important!

6. Someone who is supportive.
J has always supported me in whatever it is that I want to do. Be a stay at home mom? Awesome. Be a full time working mom? Awesome. Want to go a on a girl's weekend. I'll miss you but have fun! He is never one to complain but steps in and does whatever he needs to do to support me whether that be listening, offering advice, or stepping in to physically lift a hand. 

7. Someone who is dependable and trustworthy.
These two go hand and hand. Trust has never been an issue for us in our marriage but we have never given each other a reason to not trust each other. We air on the side of sharing too much information rather than too little and are always there for each other when we say we will do something.

8. Someone who makes you a better person.
Relationships are about growing together and learning from each other. If you can become a better person from spending time together then he is the one for you! 

9. Someone who knows all your flaws and loves for them.
That nose that you have always thought was too large? He loves it. Or the fact that you talk too much or too loudly doesn't bother him. 

10. Willing to compromise for you.
A marriage is about give and take. A good husband will sometimes make compromises to make his wife happy. Compromising every once and a while lets each other know where you priorities lie. 

I'm sure I could go on and on on great qualities to look for but in my experience these are my top 10. 

Thank you, J, for being all of this and more to me! 

What qualities do you think are ideal in a husband? 

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