Bachelorette Party in Nashville

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This past weekend I got to celebrate the upcoming marriage of one of my best friend's weddings in Nashville. It was such a fun weekend! Four of my very best friends and sorority sisters from college are all in the wedding and were part of the Bachelorette party which completely made it a girls trip reunion. We packed the weekend full of activities and I wanted to share my top five list for others that may be looking for fun things to do on a bachelorette in Nashville. 

1. The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar
So much fun. You can reserve a table in advance. We spent the entire night here and had a blast. They are known for pulling the bride and your tribe on stage to dance. 

2. Sirius XM Country Station
On Fridays you can be a part of happy hour at the station. Far warning. Book tickets in advance! They fill up fast. Oh and don't be like us and be late to the session and not have enough time to change out of your Pilate pants (so embarrassing). 

3. Rocket Sprocket Bike Bar
A BLAST! There are several companies in Nashville that do this but ours was the only one that has a partly motorized bike (20% motorized, 80% leg power). It is harder than you may think but an absolute blast. You get a personal DJ, photographer, and bar tender for your group.

4. Cabana
A restaurant with amazing food in Nashville that allows dinner to dine in a private curtained booth. You can order a bachelorette package for your table if you would like. AMAZING food. The grit balls and the spinach/kale salad were incredible. And now I'm hungry. ;)

5. Limo ride around Nashville
We rented a Humor limo and spent the night having the driver drive us around town. It was a TON of fun hanging out the sun roof in downtown Nashville wooing. 

Nashville is an INCREDIBLE place for a bachelor/bachelorette weekend and these are just a few of my favorite activities the town has to offer. Now I want to go back and plan a couple's weekend with a few of our friends. Maybe next year? 

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