Avoiding the Oops & Making Life Easier

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This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart.

Who has ever been in the process of changing your baby's diaper and you go to reach for a diaper only to find out you are out of diapers? What. an. awful. feeling. THE WORST. Poor baby is cold and ready for a clean diaper and you are totally out of diapers. What do you do? If you are like me you ransack the diaper bag in hopes there is an extra nearby. Somewhere. Anywhere. There has to be! Hopefully you can say you have no idea what this feels like but chances are if you are a busy mom like me you have run out of an essential at one point or another. Even if it is not diapers you have gone to reach for that last roll of toilet paper or a paper towel only to find out that someone used the last one. No one likes that sinking feeling when you reach for something only to realize it's all gone. However, Chelsea to the rescue; I am here to help you "avoid the oops." 

Here is a photo of my latest Walmart.com order. 

One of the best ways I have found to avoid the oops moments is to keep stocked up on essentials by stocking up at Walmart.com. As any mom knows when you have your trunk full of groceries and a toddler attached to your hip it can be tough carrying in large, bulky items that keep your hands full. (Much less the shopping process in and of itself, can you say ugh)! But what most shoppers don't realize is that they have hte option of shopping for the same great household essentials at Walmart's everyday low prices at Walmart.com. Not only will you keep your essentials stocked but you will save time and let's admit it. Time = money. The more time saved the more time we can spend with our precious babies. Head to www.avoidtheoops.com today to order your everyday essentials. 

What is your "opps" moment? Please share about a time you ran out of an essential. 

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