That Time Our Drink Got Spiked...

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I can not even believe I have been married to this incredible man for five years! In some ways it has flown by but in other ways it feels we have been together forever. I can't imagine life without him. We had shared so many wonderful and also bittersweet memories together over our past 5 years of marriage and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!  

He seriously makes my heart flutter even more now than he did 10 years ago when I first said "yes" to dating him exclusively. We had the opportunity to spend a few days together last week in Jamaica to celebrate our anniversary and you guys, it truly felt like a second honeymoon. We were asked numerous times if we were honeymooners and completely took it as a compliment when we responded "no" and were told that onlookers couldn't tell because we looked so in love. Case in point below. ;)

We stayed at the Couples Swept Away in Negril and had a blast. The water and beach could not have been prettier! We took full advantage of all the activities included in this all-inclusive and had a lot of fun. Although we did decide we are Sandals snobs and the Couples experience didn't fully live up to the experience we had at Sandals in St. Lucia. The biggest difference was the level of service at Couples compared to Sandals. Hard to say if that was a cultural difference but there was very little to no entertainment at Couples and the food and drinks also didn't quite compare to Sandals. All that being said we still had a great time. 

The Couples resort included a few extra included excursions that Sandals didn't include and we really enjoyed the included Catamaran and glass bottom boat ride. We did both of those excursions twice a piece.

I will say that although we are glad to say we have seen Jamaica, and it is very beautiful, we did decide it, unlike St. Lucia, is not a place we need to go back to. The poverty was extreme and you couldn't lay on the beach without someone coming up to you every five or less minutes trying to sell you something (typically pot as it is legal in Jamaica). We also had a negative experience with theft at the resort and we think someone slipped something in our drinks during the Catamaran boat ride. 

All that being said hanging out with my cutie drinking out of coconuts for a few days was just what we both needed to relax, recharge, and reconnect. 

Truly blessed God gave me this guy to do life with!  
Now where to go for the 10 year celebration?! 

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