How to deal with sensitive skin and still enjoy summer

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My sweet little boy suffers from EXTREME eczema. We realized this early on as when he was only a month old he broke out in a dry rash all over his body. It was awful. Fast forward two plus years and I have learned that his eczema flairs up much worse in the summer. The first two summers we spent trying to figure out how he we could still get outside and enjoy the summer without him being in pain later from red, itchy skin. Now on our third summer I have discovered some tips and tricks that I would love to share with you all for any of your little ones suffering from sensitiveness skin. 

1. Dress appropriately.
If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you guys know we love to be outside. Whether we are at the lake, pool, beach, hiking, or just playing in the backyard we spend all the time we can outdoors. What I realized is whenever I would put sunscreen on our little guy he his eczema would get SO much worse. I have sense learned to apply sunscreen only when completely necessary and instead try to cover him in long sleeves when outdoors. They make awesome SPF proof long sleeve shirts that we wear all the time and SPF shorts as well. That paired with a hat greatly limits the amount of sunscreen we have to apply. 

2. The kind of sunscreen you wear matters.
Take it from me...I have tried every sunscreen on the market on my little guy and honestly the best luck I have found are the products that are made for sensitive skin. 

3. We ONLY use All Free Clear detergent. 
We made the mistake early of trying to use a different brand of detergent and our poor little guy broke out for weeks. Now we wash ALL our laundry (including dish rags, towels, etc. because yes he touches these too) with only all® Free Clear. Honestly I recommend this brand above any of the "baby detergents" you can find in the baby section. This brand is the #1 recommended detergent by dermatologists, allergists, and pediatricians and helps our family live free of skin allergens and sensitive skin worries. all® Free Clear was also awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association for having no dyes, perfumes, certain chemicals, and irritating residues. You can find all® Free Clear at your local grocery store or shopping store. I most recently purchased mine at Kroger. 

4. Be sure to wash all new clothes before wearing them.
Another mistake I made early on was to put an outfit I had purchased on the little guy or me before washing it. I have learned not to do this. I now be sure to wash all my new clothes with all® Free Clear detergent and often, their dryer sheets, before wearing it. Even though my husband or I don't have sensitive skin we still need to wash all our clothes first so the fabric doesn't rub off on "E" while we are holding him causing him to break out.

5. Get out and have fun. 
Now that I have shared my tips and tricks don't be afraid to get out and play. HAVE FUN! Another great thing about all® Free Clear is that it is great at fighting stains and brightening colors. I never have to worry when we are outside getting dirty because I feel confident that all® Free Clear will do the trick. 

If you anyone in your family suffers from sensitive skin I encourage you to make the switch to all® Free Clear and join the all® Free Clear community to connect with parents just like you! 

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